How frequently should we repaint the interior of a house?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, and many times, these factors are décor based. If the colours look dated, or if you are a new resident and the colours are not your favourite, the home will get painted sooner or later.

NOTE: This blog is not meant to be about decorating and we will try to stay away from that. Moreover, we will talk about the walls in this post. Quite often, the doors, trim and ceilings are painted separately and we will cover that in a separate blog.

Repainting walls

Renovating a house is the most exciting activity, as it transforms your dull home with those lacklustre walls into a new and pristine place to live in. Traditionally, part of the routine in renovating your home, is painting the interior of your house. Homeowners usually consider home painting only when there’s an occasion round the corner. But there is certainly a discipline which you need to follow and understand how often do you need to paint your house.

You need to understand why that paint is peeling off the walls in order to keep them healthy. YesPainter recommends paints to be used for humid areas should all be water based as they are actually longer lasting. The paint job in these rooms does not last as long and needs to be done every 3-4 years. Good ventilation will let some of the humidity escape and extend the time between painting.It’s always better to be in a regular contact with professional interior contractors. They are the only best source to keep your home beautiful. For any home painting job, YesPainter becomes your bob. In conclusion, we look forward to fulfilling your standards of interior home painting. Contact us, for more details. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your home, paints it according to your wish at best quality and price with utmost care, choose Yes Painter !


We provide following space painting services –
Interior and Exterior painting – Interiors and Exterior wall painting with on time completion.
Metal and Wood Painting – All kinds of Metal and Wood painting with an excellent finish.
Texture and Stencil Painting – Texture for a classy look and Stencils to awaken your creative part.
Wallpapers – Wallpapers on walls will help you to achieve extra look to stand out.
Deep Cleaning – Cleaning after painting job, so that there is no paint falling here and there. No mess up.
Waterproofing – Faulty Seepage must be rectified prior to painting. Water Proofing if required.