Asian Paints Product List

Asian Paints Product Catalogue

Choose from about 2200 shades from the Asian Paints’ color palette.

There is multiple Asian Paints Product offered by Asian Paints. We have described all the available and commonly used Asian Paints products. We have also tried to distinguish between each based on price range, finish, wash-ability, area coverage, shade range & warranty offered by Asian Paint in this Link Here. This section is dedicated to our customer’s benefit. You can scroll through and draw a fair idea about the price per liter on each product. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a space. And finding a reliable house painter is now easy with Yes Painter. At Yes Painter we provide high-quality painting service at an affordable price.



Find the Right Product From Asian Paints Product List

Asian Paints Interior Paint Finishes

Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion

Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion

Non-Washable Paint

3 Years Life

Start From Rs 7/sqft
Tractor Emulsion

Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion

Semi-Washable Paint

4 Years Life

Start From Rs 10/sqft
Apcolite Premium Emulsion
Asian paints royale luxury

Asian Paints Royale Luxury Emulsion

Washable Paint

5 Years Life

Start From Rs 13/sqft
Royale Luxury Emulsion

Asian Paints Royale Matt Emulsion

Washable Paint

5-6 Years Life

Start From Rs 16/sqft
Royale Matt Emulsion

Asian Paints Royale Luxury Atmos

Washable Paint with Fragrance

5-6 Years Life

Start From Rs 16/sqft
Royale Atmos

Asian Paints Royale Shyne Emulsion

Washable High Sheen Paint

6 Years Life

Start From Rs 18/sqft
Royale Shyne

Asian Paints Royale Health Shield

Washable Anti Bacterial Paint

7-8 Years Life

Start From Rs 18/sqft
Royale Health Shield
Royal Aspira Yes Painter

Asian Paints Royale Aspira Emulsion

Washable Gold Standard Paint

8 Years Life

Start From Rs 20/sqft
Royale Aspira

Asian Paints Exterior Paint Finishes

Asian paints Ace Sparc Advanced

Asian Paints Ace Sparc Emulsion

Economy Paint

2 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 7/sqft
Ace Sparc Emulsion

Asian Paints Ace Emulsion

Economical Matt Finish

3 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 9/sqft
Ace Emulsion

Asian Paints Apex Weatherproof Emulsion

Weather Guard Soft Sheen

5 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 13/sqft
Apex Emulsion

Asian Paints Apex Ultima

All Weather Protect & Sheen Finish

7 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 16/sqft
Apex Ultima

Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek

All Weather Protect & High Sheen

10 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 20/sqft
Apex Ultima Protek

Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek Duralife

All-Weather Protection & Rich Sheen

15 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 25/sqft
Apex Ultima Protek Duralife

Asian Paints Apex Tile Guard

Abrasion Resistance

Tough & Durable

Start From Rs 15/sqft
Apex Tile Guard

Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek Lamino

Clear Coat & Self Cleaning

Superior Washability

Start From Rs 20/sqft
Apex Ultima Protek Lamino

Asian Paints Undercoat Products

Asian Paints Trucare Interior Wall Primer

Increase Top Coat Coverage

Alkali Resistance

Trucare Interior Wall Primer

Asian Paints Trucare Exterior Wall Primer

Moisture Resistance

Increase Top Coat Coverage

Trucare Exterior Wall Prime
Asian paints royale base coat

Asian Paints Royale Wall Base Coat

Special Acrylic Binders

Higher Moisture Resistance

₹ 3/Sft
Royale Wall Base Coat

Asian Paints Trucare Wall Putty

Alkali Protected

Moisture Resistance

Trucare Wall Putty

Asian Paints TruCare Acrylic Wall Putty

Ready to Apply

Quick Drying Time & Smooth Finish

₹ 7/Sft
TruCare Acrylic Wall Putty

Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior

3 Years Warranty

Crack Bridging & Better Adhession

₹ 15/Sft
SmartCare Damp Sheath Exterior

Asian Paints Wood & Metal Products

Asian paints Apcolite Premium Gloss Enamel

Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Enamel

High Washable & Durable

Satin & Gloss Finish

Start From Rs 15/sqft
Apcolite Premium Enamel
Asian paints Apcolite Rust Shield

Asian Paints Apcolite Rust Shield

Self Priming & Highly Washable

2 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 18/sqft
Apcolite Rust Shield

Asian Paints WoodTech Melamyne

Good Gloss Retention

Protect Regular Wear & Tear

Start From Rs 160/sqft
Woodtech Melamyne

Asian Paints WoodTech PU Pallete Interior

650 stylish shades

Crack Resistance

Start From Rs 180/sqft
WoodTech PU Pallete

Asian Paints Wallcare & Decor

Asian paints SmartCare Crackshield

Asian Paints SmartCare Crack Seal

Bridge Cracks of up to 3 mm

Water Resistant Film

For interior and exteriors

SmartCare Crack Seal
Asian paints smartCare Textured Crack Filler

Asian Paints Textured Crack Filler

Bridge Cracks of up to 10 mm

Effective for rough surfaces

For exterior surfaces

Textured Crack Filler

Asian Paints Royale Play Texture

Interior Texture Paint

Metallics & Non Metallic

Starts from ₹ 65/Sft

Royale Play Texture
Asian paints Damp Proof Advance

Asian Paints SmartCare Damp Proof

Reduces Temperature upto 6 DC

8 Years Warranty

Start From Rs 40/sqft

SmartCare Damp Proof

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