Indigo Paint Product

Indigo Paint Product Catalogue

Choose from about 2200 shades from the Indigo Paints’ color palette.

There are multiple Paint products offered by Indigo Paint Product. We have described all the available and commonly used all Indigo Paint Product. We have also tried to distinguish between each based on price range, finish, wash-ability, area coverage, shade range & warranty offered by Indigo Paint in this Link Here. This section is dedicated to our customer’s benefit. You can scroll through and draw a fair idea about the price per liter on each product. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a space. And finding a reliable house painter is now easy with Yes Painter. At Yes Painter we provide high-quality painting service at affordable prices.


Find the Right Product From Indigo Paint Product Range

Indigo Paint Interior Paint Finishes


Indigo Bronze Interior Emulsion

Matt Finish

2000+ Shade

Start from ₹ 7/Sft 

Indigo Acrylic Distemper Silver Series

Matt Finish


Start from ₹ 7/Sft 
Indigo Interior Emulsion Silver Series

Indigo Interior Emulsion Silver Series

Smooth Finish


Start from ₹ 8/Sft 
indigo bright ceiling coat platinum series

Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat Platinum Series

Matt Finish

Better Stain Resistance

Start from ₹ 10/Sft 
indigo bright ceiling coat gold series

Indigo Bright Ceiling Coat Gold Series

Better Durability

Superior Whiteness

Start from ₹ 10/Sft 

Indigo Acrylic Distemper Gold Series

Matt Finish


Start from ₹ 7/Sft 
Indigo Paint Premium Interior Emulsion

Indigo Premium Interior Emulsion Gold Series

Smooth Finish


Start from ₹ 10/Sft 
indigo interior sheen emulsion silver series

Indigo Interior Sheen Emulsion Silver Series

Soft Glow Finish

Anti-Fungal & Algae

Start from ₹ 10/Sft 
Luxury Interior Emulsion Paint

Indigo Luxury Interior Emulsion

Rich Glow Finish

High Stains Resistance

Start from ₹ 18/Sft 

Indigo Paint Exterior Paint Finishes


Indigo Dirtproof & Waterproof Exterior Laminate

High Sheen Finish

Dirt & Water Resistance

Start from ₹ 18/Sft 

Indigo Exterior Emulsion Gold Series

 Matt Finish

Protection For shaded Exterior

Start from ₹ 10/Sft 
indigo premium xt exterior emulsion

Indigo Premium XT Exterior Emulsion(Platinum Series)

Matt Finish

Water & Dirt Resistance

Start from ₹ 12/Sft 
indigo exterior sheen emulsion gold series

Indigo Exterior Sheen Emulsion Gold Series

Low Moisture Absorption

Anti Fungal & Algal

Start from ₹ 11/Sft 
exterior interior acrylic laminate platinum series

Indigo Exterior & Interior Laminate Platinum Series

Semi-Gloss Finish

Washable With Low Dirt Pick-up

Start from ₹ 15/Sft 
indigo floor coat emulsion platinum series

Indigo Floor Coat Emulsion Platinum Series

High Adhesion & Abrasion

Anti Fungal & Algae

Start from ₹ 16/Sft 

Indigo Floracem Silver Series

Matt Finish

Durable Quality Cement Paint

Available In Readymade Shades
indigo Royal Indigocem

Indigo Royal Indigocem Gold Series

Matt Finish

Premium Grade Cement Paint

Available In Readymade Shades

Indigo Paint Undercoat Products

Wood Primer

Indigo ST Wood Primer

Good Protection To Top Coat

Excellent adhesion

₹ 4/Sft
Indigo Exterior Wall Primer

Indigo Exterior Wall Primer

High Opacity

Better Adhesion

Indigo Water Thinnable Cement Primer

Indigo Water Thinnable Cement Primer

High Opacity

Good Protection To Top Coat

₹ 2/Sft
Acrylic Wall Putty

Indigo Acrylic Wall Putty Gold Series

Extra Smooth Finish

Good Levelling & Filling

₹ 7/Sft
Polymer Putty silver series

Indigo Polymer Putty Silver Series

Good Filling

Good Workability

₹ 6/Sft

Indigo Waterproof Polymer Putty

Damp Resistance

No Added Lead, Mercury & Chromium Compound

Good Adhesion & Compressive Strength

Indigo Paint Wood & Metal Products

indigo self priming epoxy enamel

Indigo Self Priming Epoxy Enamel Platinum Series

Dual Properties

Easy To Use

Satin Finish
Indigo PU Super Gloss Enamel Platinum Series

Indigo PU Super Gloss Enamel Platinum Series

Anti Fungal Properties

Non-Yellowing Resin System

Exterior & Interior Durable
indigo satin enamel platinum series

Indigo Satin Enamel Platinum Series

Anti-Fungal Protection

Soft Sheen Finish

Both For Interior & Exterior
interior & Exterior Water Based Single Pack Pu Top Coat

Indigo Interior & Exterior Water Based Single Pack PU

Dual Properties


Enhance Wooden Beauty
interior single pack clear pu

Indigo Interior Single Pack Clear PU

Rich Finish

Smooth Feel

Protection From Water & Household Chemicals
exterior single pack clear pu

Indigo Exterior Single Pack Clear PU

Fortified With UV Filters

Repels Water

Easy To Use
interior two pack hi solid melamine

Indigo Interior Two Pack Hi-Solid Melamine

Quick Drying

Better Filling Of Wood Grains

Extra Durable
Exterior Two Pack Clear PU

Indigo Exterior Two Pack Clear PU

Superior Water & UV Resistance

Available In Glossy, Matt & Silk Matt Finish

Non-yellowing Paint Film

Indigo Paint Wallcare & Decor

Indigo Stone & Tile top Coat

Indigo Stone & Tile Top Coat Gold Series

Excellent Water & Alkali Resistance

Resistance To Algae & Stains

Easy To Use

indigo tile coat platinum series

Indigo Tile Coat Platinum Series

Glossy Finish

Anti Fungal & Algae

Specially Designed For Roof Tile

indigo metallic emulsion

Indigo Metallic Emulsion Platinum Series

Long-Lasting  Metallic Finish

Anti-Fading In Harsh Sunlight

Starts from ₹ 65/Sft

Indigo Leakproof Emulsion

Indigo Leakproof Emulsion

Anti-Fungal & Algal

Easy To Use

6 Years Warranty

Other Available Products

Interior Texture

Beautiful textures for your interior.

Exterior Texture

Classic look for your exteriors.

Stencil Design

Complete you home painting with stencils.

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