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Transform walls of the room with Wall Texture and Stencils with a fantastic look. Texture painting service of walls is the most sort after, for a quick makeover. Whether you love the feel of those casual denims or want to experience African Safari or recreate a custom design on your walls, our amazing artists and royale play designers magically transform plain walls into fantastic texture patterns. Select best textures/stencils/art, metallic or non-metallic, for your walls, book our texture wall painting service. Flaunt your style. Make a statement with professional texture painting service.. Perfect texture painters just a call away.

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How to apply Texture Paint on wall

Step-1… Apply paint with a brush. Make the brushstrokes smooth and gentle. This will give the art piece a smooth even texture.
Step-2… Apply paint with a knife or brush loaded with paint, or with added materials. Apply the paint with broad impulsive strokes. This creates an expressionistic appearance in the art piece. The texture will be rough and have a dynamic appearance.
Step-3… Add texture and depth to a painting using various techniques, such as smooth, bumpy or rough. The textures can even be mixed into one art piece. Colors can also be used to add texture.
Step-4… Apply paint in a raised manner to make an embossed look, as if the images are popping off the page. For a carved look, apply the paint, and then carve images into the paint with an art knife or spatula.


texture painting service

He showed up the same day I called for an estimate and was very reasonably priced. We are fully satisfied with their works on interior painting of our house.We appreciate and strongly recommend this company.

Arun Sharma

After the Interior Work, we need a quick coat of paint as we need to move in fast. We engaged Yes Painter and they provided and completed the Job on time with an economical budget. Thanks for Painting our apartment.

Niharika Borua
wall texture painter

Some types of Texture Painting Service-

1. Sand painting.
Materials. Thick white paper, glue and sand.
·Method: Apply the glue with a paintbrush creating the shapes you want. Before it dries cover the picture with sand and let it dry. Then take off the remained sand

2. Create printing textures.
Materials. Thick white paper and tempera painting.
· Subject. A range of materials (cotton, paper, plastic, a leave, etc.)
· Method: Paint the materials with any color and press them softly onto the paper surface.

3. Create rubbings textures.:-
In this exercise, you’ll start to explore the connection between touching and drawing.

· Materials. Paper of varying weight and color, soft pencil or chalk.
· Subject. A range of rough surfaces.
· Method: Place a piece of paper directly on the surface you intend to take the rubbing form, and then use a soft pencil to rub on the paper.

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