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We are an enthusiastic team trying to simplify the painting process & make it hassle-free, transparent and engaging. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a space, but finding a reliable painter who paints your space beautifully is difficult and daunting. That’s why we started Yes Painter to provide high-quality painting service with the best possible price.

We measure the exact size of the room by an accurate laser device. Use the exact materials promised. And we always finish on time. Our painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and satisfaction. We also give a warranty of 12 months for the work we undertake to ensure that you should not face any displeasure with quality, post painting.

No. It’s absolutely free. Paint experts at your doorstep, few clicks away.

We provide an end to end services for the following: 1. Interior Painting 2. Exterior Painting 3. Wood Finishes ( Paint & Polish ) 4.Metal Painting 5. Textures 6. Stencils 7. Wall Arts 8. Wall Paper 9. Waterproofing 10. Cleaning Services

Choose any design/image, we paint the same on the walls – Pixel Perfect. You also have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of products from different brands like Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux etc.

Once you place a request on our website, we will cal you to fix an appointment with you to inspect and measure the place. We will explain you about different types of products available. Then we will send you the quotation for the desired products within few hours. Once you are fine with the quotation, our relationship manager will help you choosing colours and designs. Once that is done, you just give a date and we will start and finish the work in promised time.

You pay 40% of quotation before beginning the work, 40% when we are on the job and final 20% when satisfactorily we complete the work.

You can pay us via cash or card ( just like shopping online ).

Our painters are experts by their own. Though we will assign a relationship manager who will supervise the work at site, ensuring right colour, quality, paint finish and timely delivery.

We provide 12 months warranty for the workmanship. If you have any issue about painting during this period, we will rectify the issue or if needed repaint your house completely free of cost.

Touch up putty, followed by a coat of primer then 2 coats of paint application, provided walls are in good condition without any cracks or water seepage.

Priming can be skipped if matte finish paint is used. It is always advisable to have an undercoat of primer if a gloss (sheen) finish is desired or when painting a shade way lighter or darker than existing. However, priming does not cost must and it increase the durability of paint, it is advisable to have one.

We will look out for dampness, surface irregularities, holes, dents, cracks, fungus growth etc. We will solve everything, including seepage.

Once that is cleared we are ready to go for scrapping and painting process.

We will bring all items in the middle and cover them with plastic, helps easy walkways for painters. We will do proper masking in the room.  Switchboard and other permanent decorators will be masked by tapes too.

Selection of colour is extremely subjective. Though we have almost every material, catalog, colour spectra, colour palette, design ideas, inspirations and few suggestions. We will have paint samples, 3 sample for free and then you can buy at nominal cost. If you want to visualize shortlisted colors virtually, we will generate 3 virtual images for free, and thereafter at a nominal cost. 

If you are not satisfied with the job, just call at 888-4714-777 or mail at, we will immediately rectify the issue. We do have 12 months repainting warranty.

Yes Painter appoints a relationship manager who is responsible for the quality of the job executed at your home. They monitor progress on the site and take correct action to ensure that application procedures match highest of the standards.

The quote includes the material cost and all the cost that may occur in the whole process. You must only pay what is quoted earlier.

Yes, we will do the post clean-up for your home and will leave your home neatly cleaned.

We do have different types of paint artists including mural art. Please ping us and we can discuss your idea. We love to being creative too 🙂


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Paints are available in: Matte/Rich Mate | Semi Gloss/Satin | High Gloss or Super Sheen finish.

Matte Finish is opaque and does not reflect light at all and thus can cover up minor imperfections. It is not washable or stain resistant, so only way to get rid of scribbles or stains, is to paint over them. Matte paint is least expensive of all emulsions and is the most economical solution for houses on rent.

Higher the Glossy finish, higher the shine, more durable, easier to maintain it is and higher the cost. High sheen also reflects more light and hence imperfections like patches or reworked areas are easily noticeable. Gloss paints can be used in areas that demand attention and easy maintenance, like high traffic living room, kids room, kitchen and bath.

If you have to impress your tenants with your freshly painted apartment and also save good cash, go for matte paints. They are easy to be painted over and do not show up minor imperfections as well. A smart tip is to use combination of paints: Matte finish on the ceiling and desired sheen on walls, small textured wall and few stencils to add up the beauty.

Putty is often used to prepare a smooth, even surface prior painting. It fills in minor cracks and holes and removes any undulations on walls.

A primer is a substance that is used as a pre-coat before paint application on any surface – walls, wood or metal. Primer improves adhesion of paint onto the surface and enhances paint durability.

Priming can be skipped if matte finish paint is used. It is always advisable to have an undercoat of primer if a gloss (sheen) finish is desired or when painting a shade way lighter or darker than existing. However, priming does not cost must and it increase the durability of paint, it is advisable to have one.

Emulsions are water-based paints i.e. paint pigments and their binders are carried by solvent water. Emulsions also called acrylics or latex paints, are contained in water, they are easy to apply and dry up quickly as well. Emulsions come in different finishes and are more versatile and widely used.

Emulsions contain polymeric resins wherein distempers contain chalk/lime. Distempers do not produce long lasting effect and slowly flake off and colour fades away. Low-cost emulsions are better alternatives to distempers for household painting and offer much more value for money.

Enamels refer to paints that produce hard, glossy finishes. Enamels are mostly oil based paints and are available in semi-gloss (satin) to highly glossy finish, with heat resistant properties. They are widely used on metal and wooden surfaces. Since, they offer easy maintenance and washability, they can also be applied on small part of kitchen/bathroom walls.

There are two types of enamels. 1. Oil Based 2. Water Based

Oil based enamels produce hard, durable and glossy layer. However, oil based paints take longer time to dry. While water based enamels dry quicker, they produce less glossy finish than traditional oil based ones.

Polyurethane (PU) coatings are enamels for wooden surfaces. They, like regular enamels impart hard and glossy finish on wood, thus enhancing beauty and life of wooden surfaces. PU coatings are mostly oil based, however water based PU finishes are available.

Enamel can provide easy to maintain, washable surfaces, when used on walls. But due to their very high gloss, paint brush or roller marks may become visible. It is hence advisable to use enamels, on smaller area on walls.

Yes, you can! with Yes Painter. We do have all the catalog for latest wall fashions, texture and stencil gallery. Very soon we are updating those on our website. Our relationship manager will show you those catalogs.

All faq questions are user generated. Please ask any questions regarding painting here and we will answer those questions.

He showed up the same day I called for an estimate and was very reasonably priced. We are fully satisfied with their works on interior painting of our house.We appreciate and strongly recommend this company.

Arun Sharma

After the Interior Work, we need a quick coat of paint as we need to move in fast. We engaged Yes Painter and they provided and completed the Job on time with an economical budget. Thanks for Painting our apartment.

Niharika Borua

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