Rust's rare beauty can be found in its gradual but graceful decay. Time has perfected this process. These finishes, inspired by this natural process, bring the beauty of rust to life in an aesthetic form. Discover this unusual yet enthralling aesthetic in a rich colour and texture palette. The rust effects shown here were created with Royale Play Ironic and Royale Play Verderame, two water-based systems that use real oxidative effects to create a natural, corroded iron and copper finish. Leafing is a gilded, metallic effect created with Royale Play Midas Gold, Silver, or Copper metallic sheets.   Collection of International Designers IDC Royale Play Ironic Texture adds a unique look to small walls and can be used for both urban and industrial decor. When an iron surface comes into contact with the atmosphere, it develops an ironic texture, which results in rust. Royale Play Ironic Texture Application Method: - 1. Begin by applying one coat of Novoprimer. 2. Apply one layer of Ironic Fondo Material after it has dried. 3. After the first coat has dried, apply the second coat of Ironic Fondo. 4. After 2 hours, apply the first coat of Ironic Oxidizing Liquid with a sponge. 5. After it has dried, apply the second coat of Ironic Oxidizing Liquid. 6. Using a roller, apply one layer of Diluted Decofix micro sealer to reduce natural oxidising.