Asian Paints Royale Play – Fiz Texture


Your house is an exclusive landscape that stands apart from the human race. Although colour is often the first thing to look at when a house feels bold or boring, the force of Fizz texture paint is never underestimated. It gives a room so much more intensity by introducing royal play texture paint design and even colourless decorators can benefit from it. The wall texture of Asian Paints is not stopped by throws, rugs or textiles. There is no borderline to inspiring materials for the production of your unique paradise from concrete to grinded metal and from corking to wooden sheets.


Your home is your own personal landscape, a unique environment that sets you apart from the rest of humanity. Even though we sometimes switch to colour first when a home feels dull or boring, never underestimate the power of Fizz texture paint. Even color-averse decorators will benefit from royale play texture paint design because it adds so much more intensity to a room. Throws, rugs, and curtains are just a few of Asian Paints’ wall texture ideas. There are no limits to the inspiring materials you can use to build your exclusive paradise, from concrete to ridged metal, corkboard to wood slabs.


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