Considering a room makeover? Find paint colors that suit your personality and style.
Knowledge of how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. It can inspire you to discover more about yourself and to embrace who you really are.

The Optimistic

What does it mean to be optimistic?
One who thinks the best possible thing will happen, and hopes for it even if it’s not likely can.
YesPainter painting inspirations for the ever confident, bold, upbeat personalities – Summer Yellow, Dusky Blue, Lime Green, Vibrant Reds

The Social Butterfly

These bubbly, friendly personalities love to work as part of a group rather than by themselves, and actively take an interest in others on a personal level.
YesPainter painting inspirations for these outgoing, democratic, sensitive, approachable personalities – Pumpkin Harvest, Orange Appeal

The Fence-Sitter

These people remain neutral at all odds and despite the bland insinuation, people who fall in this category are essential for keeping the peace in every environment.
YesPainter painting inspirations for these calm, composed, diligent, trustworthy personalities – Taupe Biege, Earthy Green, Mineral Gray, Light Blue-Green

The Introvert

The person who has led a very sheltered life and the person who, grown older, seeks to regain the innocence of childhood. In introverts there is affection, delicacy and an inner conviction, often naive, that life should be a gentle affair devoid of trials and tribulations.
YesPainter painting inspirations for these reserved,withdrawn,diffident,retiring, quiet personalities – Pastel Pink, Powdery Blue, Dusted Yellow

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