Choosing Professional Painter, Choosing Yes Painter

In the vibrant cities of Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai, where modernity meets tradition, the need for professional painters is ever-present. Whether you're a homeowner looking to refresh your living space or a business owner aiming to create an inviting atmosphere, the expertise of a professional painter can make a world of difference. At Yes [...]

Kids Room Redesigning | 5 super-cool ideas for Kids Room | Kids Room Renovation by Yes Painter

Kids Room Redesigning 5 super-cool interior designs for your Kid’s Room When it comes to the interior designing of a kid’s room, many often forget that it needs to be funky enough for them to adore. Kid’s rooms are often not designed well or rather, tamed down to [...]

Is it safe to paint house during monsoon in Bangalore ?

Monsoon is here and raindrops have been pouring in Bangalore for quite some time now. During the season of sudden downpours not only do you need to carry an umbrella at all times but you also need to take good care of your health. Wait, did you forget something? How about painting your walls during [...]

Goodbye 2019 – With These 10 Trending Colors

Goodbye 2019 - With These 10 Trending Colors Because no wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, we’re looking at trending interior paint colors for 2019 to get you inspired before the winter season is over and we go full-throttle into fall. From which paint colors will work best in [...]

Top 7 Shades of November 2018 – House Painting Bangalore

1. Block Design is New Trend Trendy lines and crisscross blocks will be dominating in the next year. This mesmerizing design gives a taste of fine minimalistic soothing design to your living room. Now professional house painter who can paint it is affordable too ;) 2. Brown & Cream - Never out of [...]

Dampness and Seepage | How to Treat Dampness and Seepage Before Painting your House | What causes Wall Dampness | What causes Wall Seepage

How to treat Dampness and Seepage Before painting your Wall? Dampness and Seepage is a very common problem which majority of households face at some point of time. But, before we talk about treating the Dampness and Seepage it is important for us to understand the reason behind it. [...]