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Welcome 2019 – With These 10 Trending Colors

Welcome 2019 - With These 10 Trending Colors Because no wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, we’re looking at trending interior paint colors for 2019 to get you inspired before the summer season is over and we go full-throttle into fall. From which paint colors will work best in [...]

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Top 7 Shades of November 2018 – House Painting Bangalore

1. Block Design is New Trend Trendy lines and crisscross blocks will be dominating in the next year. This mesmerizing design gives a taste of fine minimalistic soothing design to your living room. Now professional house painter who can paint it is affordable too ;) 2. Brown & Cream - Never out of style A [...]

What is the purpose of paintings in our home?

The most important purpose of house painting is to give our house a long life and adding colours on it is to give our house a beauty makeover. The olden days have gone where everything starts with black and white now people have found the colours to make their life colourful so they have [...]

Change the room size with colours

WWhat if just by painting rooms, you could visually manipulate their shape and dimension? Colours play a decisive role in interior painting. Intrusive and powerful colours optically narrow the room, by contrast quiet and unassuming colours give sense of spaciousness.Cool colours (blue, white and some shades of green, purple ) are unobtrusive, so that for [...]

Paint Inspirations from personality

Considering a room makeover? Find paint colors that suit your personality and style. Knowledge of how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. It can inspire you to discover more about yourself and to embrace who you really are. The Optimistic What does it mean to be [...]