Tiles for Home | Best Tiles for Home | Selecting the right Type of Tiles for your Home

Types  of  Tiles– Selecting the right  Tiles for your Home:   Are you looking for different types of tiles in the market? A home comprises of several elements. Tiles, are definitely under the must-haves list of things for every house or office space. Let’s give it a thought, as you’re reading this line, the chances are very high that your feet are in contact with a [...]

Decorate Your Home Office – Perfect Work From Home

Decorating your Home Office – The Perfect place for WFH With a global pandemic on the rise, people all around the world have been forced to sit at home for their own safety. For working employees, this has created a huge change in the working style – ‘Work from Home’ or ‘WFH’ as denoted [...]

Goodbye 2019 – With These 10 Trending Colors

Goodbye 2019 - With These 10 Trending Colors Because no wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, we’re looking at trending interior paint colors for 2019 to get you inspired before the winter season is over and we go full-throttle into fall. From which paint colors will work best in [...]

What is the purpose of paintings in our home?

The most important purpose of house painting is to give our house a long life and adding colours on it is to give our house a beauty makeover. The olden days have gone where everything starts with black and white now people have found the colours to make their life colourful so they have [...]