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Selecting the right  Tiles for your Home:  

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A home comprises of several elementsTiles, are definitely under the must-haves list of things for every house or office spaceLet’s give it a thought, as you’re reading this linethe chances are very high that your feet are in contact with a tiled flooring
Everyone knows the importance of tiles but the thing is that many do not know which type of tiles to opt for, when it comes to decorating their house. So, Yes Care Homes, is here to provide some tile therapy and assist you in the process of selecting the right type of tiles for your home.  

Types of Tiles:

  • Ceramic Tiles: 
  • Porcelain Tiles: 
  • Vitrified Tiles: 
  • Anti-skid Tiles: 
  • Vinyl Tiles: 

  • Ceramic Tiles: 

Ceramic tiles, as the name itself states are tiles made of ceramic material, mainly clay. They constitute of either red, white or brown clay, fired at extreme temperatures in a kiln. Ceramic tiles provide excellent choice when it comes to colors and patterns, which makes them a very popular choice among people.  

Properties of Ceramic Tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are very scratch resistant. They have a layer of coating on that prevents scratches from being visible. 
  • The tiles are extremely stain resistant and hence stains made can be washed easily, with just a piece of cloth or even paper.  
  • They are available in several colors and patterns hence you have a wide variety of tile designs to choose from.  
  • They are not very strong and hence they can be broken easily if anything heavy is dropped on them. As a result, they are better for walls. 
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Places to use ceramic tiles:

  • Modular kitchen back splash  
  • Flooring 
  • Wall decor  
  • Wall cladding for bathrooms, TV units 

How can one maintain ceramic tiles? 

Maintaining ceramic tiles is not a hard job since they are stain and scratch resistant. A simple solution of soap and water, along with a piece of cloth or even paper is enough to clean them. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cleaning must be done regularly, in order to keep the tiles looking clean and in pristine condition.  

Note: It is better to dry the tiles after washing them with a soapy water solution since air tends to leave water stains on them. If you’re using hard water, then it is advisable to wipe them dry immediately after cleaning.  

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  • Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are quite similar to Ceramic tiles, in a sense that both of them are essentially manufactured in the same way. Porcelain tiles also share the same constituents – clay, with the addition of feldspar and then subjected to extreme temperatures in a kiln.

The addition of feldspar and the fact that they’re subjected to higher temperatures than ceramic tiles make them more durable. 

Properties of Porcelain Tiles

  • Porcelain tiles are very scratch resistant. They have a layer on the surface that prevents scratches from being visible. 
  • These tiles are extremely stain resistant and hence any stains made can be washed easily, with just a piece of cloth or even paper.  
  • They are non-porous and hence you do not want to worry about any water seepage or leakage problems.  
  • They are available in several colors and patterns hence you have a wide variety of tile designs to choose from.  
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Places to use porcelain tiles:

  • Modular kitchen back splash  
  • Flooring 
  • Wall decor  
  • Wall cladding 

There isn’t much of an issue when it comes to the process of maintaining porcelain tiles. The cleaning and maintenance for ceramic and porcelain tiles are almost the exact same, owing to the reason that they both are made in a similar fashion and also share the constituents.

The main factor that distinguishes the two types of tiles is that porcelain is a stronger and much more durable version also while requiring lesser maintenance due to it also being non-porous in nature.  

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  • Vitrified Tiles:

Vitrified Tiles are a more modern norm and hence if at you’ve explored tiles, the chances are high that you’ve come across this term. Vitrified tiles are a very superior form of traditional ceramic tiles as they share the same process, but also include silica in the mix.

The process is known as vitrification and in it, silica and clay are melt together to produce a glass-like material present inside each tile. This process produces highly durable tiles that can withstand its sheen for a very long time, despite several years of rough usage. 

Vitrified tiles are more commonly used these days because they are known for their reliability and the pricing is good enough compared to other types of tiles. 

Properties of Porcelain Tiles

  • Vitrified tiles are very highly durable and are available in a number of finishes including anti-skid coating. 
  • They provide a great glass-like glossy finish, which seems very premium and elegant.  
  • The tiles have low porosity, thus making them stain proof. 
  • Huge durability, meaning water and frost resistance.  
  • Installation and removal is quite easy, thus making replacing them also an easy process.  
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You can use vitrified tiles for both indoor as well as outdoor flooring, owing to their excellent features. In fact, they offer a great value for the price.  

Maintaining vitrified tiles is an easy task, thus meaning that even a regular cleaning gets the cleaning job done.  

  • Anti-skid Tiles:

Anti-skid tiles are essentially vitrified tiles that have a rustic finish, coated in matte elements since they are to provide an extra grip, given the name. Anti-skid tiles are used for bathrooms, since it is a place where the floor often isn’t dry and thus these tiles eliminate any danger of skidding and thereby avoiding any damage to the person(s) compared to other types of tiles.

They are stain-proof, anti-skid and have nearly zero percent water absorption, in addition to being scratch-resistant.  

Anti-skid tiles are best used for bathrooms and you can use them if you’re planning to renovate or re-design your bathroom (insert link to article on bathroom renovation) as they are the best when it comes to such areas.  

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  • Vinyl Tiles:

Vinyl is not exactly a type of tile, but rather a type of flooring. It is a synthetic type of flooring  

Vinyl is a synthetic flooring material that looks like wood and feels like stone. This affordable option is the ideal kind of flooring if you have pets, as it is easily cleanable and also is water-proof. 

Properties of Vinyl Tiles

  • Since it is a synthetic tile, it is very seamless and looks neat when applied over any kind of existing flooring.  
  • A major pro is that it can be installed without having the need to remove your existing flooring.  
  • It is recyclable, however non-biodegradable 
  • The vinyl tiles are water-proof but not stain resistant for lighter shades and/or patterns.  
  • You get to choose from a brilliant and wide range of varieties and patterns, thus you can get really creative with your designs. 
  • Being a synthetic tile, it is not known to be very durable and hence it is not resistant to scratches. So, we’d advise caution while moving any heavy furniture around the house.  

Vinyl tiles can be used for flooring, Back splash decor for TV units, kitchens, Puja rooms, etc. 

Maintaining vinyl flooring is a mix of opinions. Darker shades will withstand more while lighter shades need to be maintained slightly more, as they can be stained easily. However, with a regular cleaning, it can withstand its limited durability over a long period of time and make the place look all the livelier owing to its designs.

A simple sweep and mop is all it takes to maintain it, and also ensure that it is not faced to direct sunlight as it tends to fade rapidly.

By the way, did you know that vinyl is one of the trending flooring styles of 2020Now might be a good time to invest in it and make your place look awesome, just as you are.  

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List of different types of Tiles available in the market

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