Goodbye 2019 – With These 10 Trending Colors

Because no wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, we’re looking at trending interior paint colors for 2019 to get you inspired before the winter season is over and we go full-throttle into fall. From which paint colors will work best in which rooms throughout your home to paint color ideas for accent walls to create conversation-starting visual interest in any room, take in the 10 best paint color ideas to try for the year ahead and beyond.

And we bet you’ll be surprised at some of the latest paint colors to make your space beautiful, sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to reenergize a room. To make it easier for you, we surveyed many interior designers for their takes on the latest paint colors to give a go.


interior paint colour

Warm and welcoming velvety shades of hazelnut paint hues are certain to never leave style nor ever clash with existing decorations as it makes for one encouraging go-to of a color.

For hazelnut paint color ideas in your home, take a quick study from room to room and think about which spaces should be brightened and get all the more light as changing shades of hazelnut are extraordinary for bouncing light off to look a space to seem larger than it is.


interior paint color

interior paint color

In spite of the fact that dove gray is a standout amongst the most classic interior paint colors when searching for present day options in contrast to neutral paint color ideas, there’s something a bit moodier about 2019’s lavender color infused choices.

For one, the addition of Lavender attempts to make gray hues warmer, more gender neutral and lively. And as some of our designers favorite home interior colors revolve around varying shades of gray, an option boasting Lavender tones makes for a refreshing alternative that also happens to be subtle enough to not tire of it easy. We recently made a strong case for the hue on an interior design @Yes Carpenterthat came alifve with a warm, minimal feel.


interior paint colour

interior paint colour

From muted to moody, this dark green shading pattern can work to copy the sentiment of rich botanicals and the healing power of nature in your home while setting the tone with a solid primary color.

For hunter and bottle green interior paint color ideas, our color consultants suggest that this trend should be reserved for well-lit, large rooms as its power can overwhelm little spaces and make them look darker. And as always, when considering bringing in the latest paint colors in your home, think about what works with your life style, taste, and design direction as no paint color trend is worth sacrificing your own personal aesthetic.


interior paint colour

Pastel derivatives in chalky, muted tones, have a soothing appeal that brings with them an understated vibe that’s perfect for gender neutral rooms and common areas like kitchens and bathrooms as they’ll do double duty and conceal everyday scuff marks and nicks. Plus, muted pastels make for a warm backdrop for minimalistic design.

Go for similar muted pastel paint colors if you’re looking for the unexpected without having to commit to a bold color trend or the latest interior paint colors being touted as an ‘it’ hue as you’ll tire of it in the long run, and run the risk of having similar paint colors as your friends and neighbors.


interior paint color

Summon the soul of India with zesty hues. For those with wanderlust and earthy spirit, delicate earth paint hues are incredible options in contrast to beiges and browns as they’ll lend any room a specific bright get-up-and-go and easygoing class. Think earthenware, caramel, clove, and burnt orange home interior paint colors that have more personality than any neutral ever could.

For this interior paint trend, we suggest going for the latest interior paint colors that boast unusual takes on clay tones to make any room a feature in your home or go for an accent wall or backsplash and see how effectively the hue can elevate a room and your mood with ease.


interior paint color

For the traditionalist with a casual approach to interior paint, charcoal blue, ice blue, gray-blue, and a very pale powder blue are great options when looking for interior paint colors that are far from every day yet subtle enough to not take over a room.

With an endless amount of alternative blue paint color ideas available, there’s no limit to the number of routes you can go with this exacting tone.

Simply make sure that any blue home interior colors you go for stay soothing and spare to avoid a heavy-handed hue that will make a room feel littler, darker, and stuck in a 80’s nautical time travel. In general, when going for hues known to leave a strong initial impact, tone it down with a more muted, and subtle color palette to get the longest run from your selection.


interior paint color

For those looking for a pop of color and an alternative to gold, deep mustard is great for instantly creating rich focal accents and make for smart paint colors for accent walls and even trim.

Do go for muted and moody mustard home interior paint colors to create provocative depth, and to highlight decor and art brilliantly as sometimes the best paint color ideas are applied in small doses.


interior paint color

A non-color of sorts, mist home interior paint color may originate from a mix of muted pastel blue and green with gray and Lavender suggestion, yet it’s a long way from an Easter egg color.

Rather, think about this shading pattern as a blank canvas for stylistic layout of colors and styles as its a significantly more fascinating beginning stage than standard beiges and whites, in addition, as muted pastels, a misty hue will work to cover imperfections effortlessly.


interior paint color

An update to the popular 70’s era mousy browns and rust paint colors, mushroom looks fresh again thanks to a newfound appreciation for everything natural yet moody.

One of our most loved fashion and home interior paint colors for 2019, shades of mushroom are additionally gender neutral, timeless in appeal, and one of a kind enough to have guests observing for their very own homes. In addition, it looks incredible with natural furnishes and completes as found in the room above.


home interior color

The perfect gray-beige and a rich alternative to all white walls, metallic silver gray provide an almost blank canvas that’s anything but bland.

Though it should have been a standard before it was shortlisted as one of the best interior paint colors for 2019, this is one color trend not to be underestimated. In fact, our color consultants suggest taking metallic silver gray color ideas throughout your home rather than just one room as its one shade that works with everything, everywhere.

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