To know exactly how much it costs to paint a 1 Bhk in Pune we have to know the paintable area of the house. Generally, 1 Bhk flat in Pune will have a paintable wall area of 650 sqft and a ceiling area of 400 sqft. To paint 650 sqft with basic emulsion paint costs Rs 10/sqft and to paint with washable emulsion costs Rs 16/sqft. Now if we calculate the costs of a ceiling with basic emulsion i.e. 400*10=4000, the costs of the wall in basic emulsion 650*16=6500. Now the cost of Wall in Washable Emulsion is 650*16=10400. Now the total cost of painting a 1 Bhk house in Pune is RS 10500 if you want to paint it with basic emulsion and Rs 14400 if you want to paint it with washable emulsion.