How to treat Dampness and Seepage Before painting your Wall?

Dampness and Seepage is a very common problem which majority of households face at some point of time. But, before we talk about treating the Dampness and Seepage it is important for us to understand the reason behind it.

We often receive queries like how to treat damp walls before painting or how to remove Dampness and Seepage or repair seepage from wall.
Dampness and Seepage causes damages like water marks, blisters and bubbled paint work on the walls and mostly on the ceiling of a room.
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Wall dampness or seepage solution cannot be repaired just with putty or paint. When the seepage is really bad, it causes water to trip from the walls and ceiling. It cannot be fixed with putty and paint only.
Seepage happens due to poor quality construction and lack of water proofing measures during house construction. It can cause dampness of the walls, efflorescence and peeling of paint. The moisture and dampness due to seepage can result in fungal and bacterial growth which in turn could cause various allergies to the occupants of the home.

How to prevent Wall seepage-

  • Leakage from Bathroom or Kitchen on the Floor Above.
  • Due to water seepage from exterior walls.
  • To identify the areas on the interior walls which have water spots.
  • To check whether the cause for the Dampness and Seepage is because of a leaking water tank or a broken plumbing.
  • To check whether gap exists between the walls of your home and the neighboring building, this would also cause water to seep through.
  • Water Dampness and Seepage happens when the outer walls are not plastered properly or due to use of poor-quality plastering materials.
  • To check Faulty Internal Plumbing.
  • Identify & check if there is any leaky drainage pipes or sanitary fitments in home.
  • Also, check if there is any outflow in the water supply pipes.
  • To check if there is any leakage in the neighborhood property’s internal plumbing.
  • Or, check if there is water accumulation due to poor vent on roof.
  • To check if there is any water tank leakage

Other Possible reasons –
 Poor waterproofing at the time of construction
 Presence of Natural underground

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Treatment & Measures to avoid Dampness and Wall Seepage:

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Cracks should be filled:

Crafts in the walls should be filled properly. Structural cracks, including damaged roof or wall tiles, can be fixed using putty white cement). This would prevent the paint from being getting exposed through interior wall during monsoons.

Proper drainage system:

Conduct an inspection of the house drainage system, as leaky water tanks cause in-wall dampness due to the moisture. Install sturdy water pipes and ensure the joints are well-sealed.

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Good-quality paints

one should always go with good quality Painting Service. When the paint used for the walls is of poor quality, moisture tends to seep through the concrete, thereby damaging the walls. Modern-day high-quality paints are resistant to water and contain silicon that offers the walls extra strength. Find out how much it cost for a good quality painting services here

A proper basic check:

One should always check the drainage system and also check out for drainage, gutters and pipes for any blockages. Change the guttering in case it is old. Fix the cracks in the walls or window frames. Check your roof. Inspect the exterior brickwork of the wall. In case of any issues, seek the services of a professional expert with Yes Painter

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Keep your house and its wall warm:

Warm houses are always better for the paint as well as the Seepage condition to be repaired. It is important to keep your house warm. For this, install a heater or set a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature within your home. This will prevent sudden rises and dips in temperature which leads to condensation. You can also take help of smart home devices to monitor the level of temperature. Also ensure that the radiators are not blocked by furniture or interior design wooden product.

Hire professionals who would perform a thorough scan of the house using proper tools, such as moisture meters, and recommend appropriate solution and required application to be performed.

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Reduce the production of moisture:

This mistake is done by most of us, choosing to dry laundry inside a packed house. This creates moisture within the home. Instead choose to dry your clothes outdoors. You can also go for a dehumidifier in case drying clothes inside your home is the only option. Dehumidifiers will remove the excess amount of moisture form the air. The home will come out to be a warmer and more comfortable place. Choose to perform all house hold stuff relating to water in their respective places.

After finishing or completing all the above process apply Dr Fixit or Asian Paints Smart Care Damp Proof and then apply single coat of primer. After applying primer apply 2 coat of putty. Make sure that proper time interval is given for each coat of putty to dry them properly. Do not apply second coat of putty if the first coat hasn’t dried off. After completing the second coat of putty apply Interior primer again if it is for interior or exterior primer if it is for exterior and then finally apply your desire Paint.