How to Remove Paint from Tile without damaging the floor ?

Whether you got a little careless or carried away with your paint job or are attempting to fix the mistakes of those who came before you, know that doing so is entirely possible, but the exact method may vary depending on the severity of the issue.

If you notice paint spots within the first day, you can usually scrub them off with a fingernail or wipe them up with a damp cloth. After that, the paint drips dry more thoroughly and are harder to remove. But for the next two weeks or so, you can usually still rub the spots off using nothing more than a little water on a cloth.

After that, your options are Scrubbing off the Paint, Heating the Paint, Using a Paint Remover, Alternative Methods and Cleaning,

Scrubbing off the Paint

If you notice that the paint is peeling on its own or appears to be coming off with mild scratching, you may get away with scrubbing it off.

You can use plastic scrubbers to prevent damaging the tile, they may not be strong enough for the job, which is why you will likely need a metal scrubr or razor blade to remove the paint effectively. If you notice that the blade is damaging to the tile, you may want to proceed a different way.

Heating the Paint

Heating the paint before scrubbing could dramatically easy the process and prevent damage to the tile. By using a heat gun or some other air-based heating mechanism, carefully heat the tiles, by working in small areas and moving slowly along the wall or floor.

As you heat, occasionally scratch the paint until you notice it begin to scrub off easier than before. You may then proceed by scrubbing at approximately a 45-degree angle and applying slight pressure

Using a Paint Remover

If Heating and scratching aren’t working, a paint remover might be the main suitable alternative, however it requires somewhat more preparation and care.

While using a paint remover, you need to ensure the room is all around ventilated, and you likewise need to make sure the paint remover is ok for coated tiles. Start by cleaning the tiles and testing the paint remover in a hidden area of the room.

Once applied, you should then be able to scrub the paint easily and completely.

Alternative Methods and Cleaning

People have often claimed to find success by using products such as hair spray or rubbing alcohol to remove paint from their tiles. There are also commercial products sold specifically to lift paint spots

Whichever technique works best for you, ensure that once all paint is removed that the tile is altogether wiped and cleaned.

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