Comparison Between Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion

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If you are looking for a comparison Between Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion then you are on the right page. There are many cases in which emulsion paint is appropriate for the wall and which of the different forms of paint present on the market are fundamental purposes. This confuses the fact that a layman understands what to choose and what gives an excellent makeover for their houses. If you’re one of them facing the difficult part to reach a decision, you’re on the right side. First of all, you need to determine whether you are looking to paint and restore your walls or you are going to paint your walls again and give them a bright and glittery look.

To Choose the best color as per your requirement let us teach ourselves how to differ between the Premium Emulsion and  Royale Luxury Emulsion.

Let us understand First What is Emulsion?

An emulsion is a water-based color, applied to the finish by adding vinyl or acrylic resins. This leads to various degrees of brilliance – usually, the brighter the finish, the harder the paint. Use for walls and ceilings indoors.

Emulsion Paint is water-based paint. It can be used mostly for both the inner and outer building surfaces.

Water is used as a solvent in emulsion paint. Water is a medium for molecular dispersion of the binder, pigment and additives. Polymers form a binder that forms on the surface a continuous film. Emulsion paint binders are alkid resins, acrylic resins, epoxy, etc. Comparison Between Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion can be found by separately understanding them.

Emulsion Paint Properties:

Emulsion paints are less toxic than other oil-based paints and almost all manufacturers claim they have “nil volatile organic compounds.” Emulsion paints can be washed medium to high. Washing depends primarily on the shining of the surface. Some sheen can be washed and some can be washed according to the manufacturer’s guide. Paints with emulsion can be packs in 1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr. There are several different products in the market, such as matt, smooth, eggshells, semi-glossy and glossy, for emulsion paint. The area can accentuate up to 100 -160 sqft/lit with two coats of emulsion paints. i.e. 0.6 to 1.0 litres of two coats can be necessary for painting 100 sqft of the area.

But what is the Difference or comparison Between Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion:

Apcolite Premium Emulsion:

The premium emulsion is a little bit expensive Compared to Tractor Emulsion. The finish is also matt. Coverage ranges between 140 and 150. It can be found in more than 1750 tones. This gives Rich Matte a finish and smoother emulsion than the tractor. It is also longer, i.e. for 4-6 years. In the finish, this almost looks like Royale just because it is not washable. Besides its smooth finish, it contains more details –

Rich matt finish

Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion has a rich and smooth matt finish, which evokes sophistication.

Stain guard

With Stain Guard technology, Apcolite Premium Emulsion guards your walls against most of your housing spots and makes them simple to clean.

Long-lasting film

Apcolite Premium Emulsion has a long, durable movie that has long kept your house as new.

Fungus and mildew resistance

Apcolite Premium Emulsion is intended to protect your walls against unwanted, damaging fungus.

Extra deep colours for feature walls

Apcolite Premium Emulsion offers an extra deeply coloured range that enables you to better highlight the characteristics of your home.

Different types of Apcolite Premium Emulsion:

Apcolite Premium Satin Emulsion: It is easy to wash and provides excellent stain resistance, which preserves the beauty of your home for decades. This satin finish ensures that you have a prolonged flare on your walls because many washing cycles are not possible.

Apcolite Advanced Shyne: It is a technological painting, acting as a guardrail, that makes a cakewalk for cleaning the walls. Thus, the high traffic areas of the house are also regarded as a perfect choice.

Apcolite Advanced Heavy Duty Emulsion: Apcolite Advanced Emulsion is designed to prevent unwanted fungus from damaging your walls. It ensures that different types of household stains get the lower stain and easy cleanliness. The paint has a rich matte finish that hides undulations on the surface.

Apcolite Premium Emulsion: The wall’s rich, matt finish is guaranteed by Apcolite Premium Emulsion’s super-acrylic quality.

Royale Luxury Emulsion:

The “Royal Luxury Emulsion” is an emulsion paint that provides walls with an extremely smooth finish. You must select Royal Luxury Emulsion if your house is to be bright. It contains very less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and also contains a protective Teflon surface because of the increased paint life. Royal Luxury Emulsion with anti-fungal properties and anti-testing properties, which helps prevent microorganisms from fungal walls and kills them.

Washability: it is a washable paint category, it can be softly washed for the normal surface mark with wet clothes. That’s more lasting, then it doesn’t lose its look over two 7-8 years. This gives a very smooth fine feeling, you will be amazed at the touch and the look. The category painting is Sheen. Cost, it is quite more expensive than any other painting and requires the mastic to be made before applying royal luxury paint. This standard paint with Teflon Surface Protector is very low odour and LOw VOC, which increases durability and the strength of the layer.

The standard process is similar to the normal process of painting, i.e. putty, 1 coat of the base, followed by 2 layers of paint.

Different types of Royale Luxury Emulsion:

Royale Luxury Emulsion: The only emulsion of paint in India that is equipped with a Teflon surface protector that makes it easy to wash and extremely durable. It is a nontoxic, plumbed, low VOC, and odorless paint that protects the walls against harsh stains and damaging bacteria. At Home Glazer, if you love slender on your wall, we highly recommend this household paint.

Royale Matt: Luxury Emulsion from Royale Matt gives your walls a perfectly matte appearance. It is the only washable matt paint emulsion that makes it very sustainable in India equipped with a Teflon surface protector. The toughest tints such as curd and ink in the household are greatly reduced. While this washable wall paint removes water-based stains, such as tea, coffee etc. Its anti-fungal and anti-pollution characteristics ensure that the painted surface will maintain its finish over future years. Home Glazer recommends using this paint for your home and office in a perfect matt finish.

Royal Health Shield: The Royal Health Shield is a revolutionary Anti-Bacterial indoor painting. Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion has a silver Ion technology that kills 99 per cent of bacteria causing an infection on the surface painted. This ensures a hygienically more household environment.

Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion: a wall with a high, washable, brighter finish ensures a long look of a new wall. The wall looks brand new. The high brilliance and smoother finish of the paint would make you look at it all day long.

Royale Aspira: Royale Aspira is the most advanced interior emulsion paint in the world. Royale Aspira is designed with the highest brightness and smoothest finish to your interior walls. It is the best-in-class durable and washable paint with innovative water beading and surface protection technology. It is one of the leading fireproof paints on the market. It is also an extraordinary crack-bridging paint, spanning almost 400% to ensure that cracks remain covered and that walls remain beautiful for years.

Royale Atmos: A first-of-a-kind interior paint that not only looks lovely but also helps to clean the air indoors. Its carbon-activated technology reduces indoor pollutants, such as indoor formaldehyde, VOC and air malodor to make it cleaner. Royale Atmos is also an eco-friendly paint that absorbs and reduces select scents to freshen the air. This Royal Atmospheric is Asian Paints’ first fragrant paint to be painted for weeks.

Royale Lustre: an interior wall paint that gives your walls a long-lasting finish. If a professional painter uses a roller on this paint, he gives the wall a typical Dana pattern. That looks too good. That looks too good. Anti-fictional is one of the unique characteristics of this interior paint. And it protects you from fungal growth of all kinds.

A brief comparison between Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion.

Plastic paints are all referred to as emulsions, but Apcolite Premium emulsion is a regular washable plastic paint. Apcolite premium emulsion is less expensive and lacks premium characteristics such as a matte finish. The Royale range, on the other hand, refers to high-quality plastic paints that are a market leader in the decorative paints segment. If we just consider Asian Paints categories, there are more classifications such as Royale Luxury, Royale Matte, and Royale Shyne. To date, Royale paints are the best paint for giving homes the most beautiful finish, making them a classic luxury that lasts longer than Apcolite interior emulsion.

Apcolite paints may contain water and are not always plastic, as the range is constantly changing in response to customer demand. Royale, on the other hand, will always be a high-quality plastic paint, making them easy to clean because plastic has a tendency to absorb dust even with a small amount of water. This is the main reason that Royale is used in bedrooms and living rooms because it is easy to clean. Furthermore, when children at home have a habit of painting on the walls, it is simple to clean them with a single wash.


After understanding the requirements according to individual needs, a conclusive decision is always made. After knowing how long they want to stay in the same house, one should consider the options wisely. And what amount of money do you plan to spend?

We provide wall design services of premium quality at “Yes Painter”, which make naked houses a beautiful residence. The best thing about our business is that we have packages that fit within the limits of every household. In that way, we can restore your home with our artistic quality. In order to remain professional and deliver service in a fixed time, we believe in working hard in the right way.

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