What is the distinction between Melamine Polish and PU Polish?

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Without good furniture, every home is incomplete. Your wooden furniture’s design and finish are an essential part of home design. It is very important to ensure long life without problems with the matte gloss finish on your mechanical equipment. For your wood and other products, there are many types of paints and polishes. From lacquer polish, polished melamine to PU spoliated polish, and more, you can choose anything. These options have various specialties and benefits, but we are going to talk about polishing with melamine and polishing. Both are made from gloss to matte finishing in different finishings.

Let’s Understand About Melamine Polish:

Melamine matt polish is the most common and preferred one. Polish with melamine is used not only in India but internationally. Melamine is an organic compound often combined with formaldehyde for melamine resin, a fire-resistant, and heat-tolerant synthetic polymer. The resin is a highly stable, versatile material.

The polish consists of thin resin that, when applied on the wood surface, forms a thin film-like coating. Polished melamine is a psoric polished closed, i.e. it does not make wood an inspirational product that mainly protects the wood against warm and cold surfaces.

In 20 minutes, melamine polish dries off. On the coated wood panel or surface after application, it offers a more glossy look than a matt finish. This makes it necessary to apply the polished mixture within 8 hours.


  1. Sanding is a must for the raw surfaces to smooth.
  2. Apply a single sealant coat to enhance melamine adhesion. It takes approximately 12 hours to dry.
  3. The excess sealant is removed by sanding using water paper and a smooth basis is provided.
  4. After mixing with solvent and hardener, spray the first coat of melamine.
  5. After drying, resand with smooth water paper.
  6. Spray the melamine finishing coat.

Let’s Understand about PU or Polyurethane Polish:

PU polish is a polymer used to apply a protective coating to wooden and other items of furnishing. It is also known for polyurethane polishing. The surface of the furniture is protected against rust, weathering, abrasion, and other processes which damage it with PU polish over time.

The Polish PU protects moisture, scratches, dust, water, UV radiation, and weathering while giving a beautiful look to the furniture. PU polishes are also available on water and solvent-based systems. Both styles offer a range of finishes, from matte to satin to brilliant. The PU is ideal for external surfaces, while the PU is better for internal surfaces with water.


  1. First, sanding is used to smooth the surfaces. We start by using grosser sandpapers like 150-180 grains and then move to smother papers like sandpapers of 300-400 grains.
  2. Clean cloth to wipe the resulting dust.
  3. Apply a clear insulated sealant coat, which reduces absorption by the furniture of the PU Gloss or Matt.
  4. If the surfaces have dents, apply filters and masts.
  5. Finally, a uniform spray applies the PU Clear Coat. Allow 30-120 minutes to dry.

Melamine polish and PU polish difference:

Durability: Polish melamine and polish PU are available in matt and brilliant finish. Both synthetic polymers form and laminate a transparent film over surfaces. The differences mainly affect the duration and resistance of the coatings. They work similarly. Polish polymers consider polymer

For external surface: polished melamine has only limited water resistance. If exposed to the sun, the polishing of the melamine mainly turns yellow and relaxes. Over time, the furniture can also be chipped away on the edges. And the PU Polish can, on the other hand, be very hard and strong, offering extraordinary wear and long-lasting surface protection.

PU Polish would be a better choice for the exterior than Melamine Polish.

Cost: Melamine Polish is a standard wooden polish, and PU Polish is a high-quality polish. Melamine is more suitable for interior use and is also unique to wooden articles. Sprinkling is used by professional painters. Melamine takes 20-30 minutes to moderately dry so that your finishing does not spoil dust particles. Melamine polish is cheaper than PU polish materials and service costs for gloss and matt finishes.


It is essential that professional and experienced painters spray for the best results. All the above steps must be followed for the best performance, whilst the painters can be different. Wood polishing not only gives woods elegance and beauty, but it also reinforces them as well. Not everyone aspires to make lovely wooden mechanics.

We hope that this knowledge has been useful and you liked to read it. Keep an eye on the exciting and new things! Contact us today. We ensure the best of our wood polishing services to our customers at “Yes Painter.” A wonderful day and healthy life for you and your families.

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