What is the Difference between Asian Paints Ace And Apex Emulsion?


Did you plan to paint your outside walls? You look up the internet to paint your external walls with the best exterior painters? If so, then the right page is yours! At “Yes Painter” we are confident that we create and supply with extreme care so that customers come back to visit us for their next paint slot. In order to enjoy vibrant colors and design expertise in their interior and exterior walls, we produce projects. We produce projects. By understanding the quality of the wall, we curate the right exterior paint and thus combine ideas with colors and a commitment to deliver premium quality service. We have distinguished between Ace and Apex to understand the various exterior paints available on the market.

The difference between Asian Paints Ace and Apex Emulsion can be better understood by explaining them separately.
  • Ace Exterior Emulsion
    Ace Emulsion is a water-based starting line of Asian external products with silicon additives. In moderately wet weather, it is better to use. Ace Exterior Emulsion is a painting known over time, saving time and effort and being light on the pocket. Asian Paint’s Ace is a water-based paint emulsion for external walls. Because external emulsion has silicone additives that are highly known. It can therefore operate in moderate wet weather conditions. It has a characteristic quality to work as water-resistant. The technology used to make the paint with such high strength requires the most advanced technology. The mass has been liked for the quality of being sustainable and affordable and therefore much appreciated by the majority.

Benefits of Ace Exterior Emulsion:

  • Ace provides excellent resilience when compared to cement to cracking, cracking, and other climate conditions. It is provided with a modified acrylic binder that makes it possible for the paint to remain on the wall longer.
  • The Ace is indefinitely economical for a common person because it lasts longer than cement. In addition, no curing is necessary and saves time.
  • It protects from algal problems in dry weather.
  • Shades produce a result that is clean and clean and thus does not fade with time
  • Ace Exterior can somehow withstand rain.
  • If the wall is stained, the wet cotton cloth can easily remove the stains.

Ace Advanced Emulsion, which has more anti-fungal and anti-algal properties, has also been started by Asian paints.

  • Apex Exterior Emulsion
    For exterior painting, Apex is a one-stop solution. This range provides high-performance emulsion, weatherproofing, textures, and even tile protection. It is a smooth water-based finish with silicon additives, modified acrylic, and external walls. The smooth, water-based exterior wall of Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is characterized by silicone additives. This makes the paint last longer than any other paint. Furthermore, Asian paints themselves provide the performance of the paint with a 5-year guarantee as at present. Apex Emulsion is just the right paint for you if you are looking for durability without worrying about the price. The new dustproof technology with the paint has completely resisted dust from settling on the walls. Along with the above, Apex is strong on all-weather conditions, and therefore outside weather conditions have no impact on the paint. You can thus remain calm and relaxed and enjoy the same at all times. Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is therefore rightly known to address all outside wall paint issues as one-stop resolution. Apex is simply smooth water-based modified acrylic, which gives the walls an incredible finish.
  • Benefits of Apex Exterior Emulsion:
    • Specially formulated to resist extreme rainfall, humidity, and heat tropical conditions.
    • Extremely good alkaline and UV protection ensure that the shade will not fade away and continue for longer.
    • Excellent resistance to algae and fungal growth in the walls that prevent black spot growth on the walls.
    • More than 1700 attractive shades with dark shades that offer excellent hiding.
    • It is about 30 minutes dry on the surface
    • Apex emulsion provides a coverage area between 50-60 sq ft for 1 Lt with at least 2 Paint coats.
    • 40% dilution with water is required. Apex products, such as Apex, Apex Waterproof Emulsion, Apex Advanced Emulsion, Apex Floor Guard, and Shyne have also been launched. Asian paints are also launched.

Ace and Apex Paints difference:

We should consider important painting concerns of ace and apex paints, which are of serious importance for the long-term application of the paint. Before making a selection, we cover some difficult differentials here:

Coverage: Coverage is incomparable for Ace and Apex colors, and for 5 to 6 square meters we can put on 2-3 coatings.

Anti-Algal property: Apex is ahead of Ace with more customer feedback and ratings.

Washability: when an application needs to be repainted, Apex pulls the washability forward.

Shade range: Asian ace and apex paints are more than 1000 colored colors available and have high sight for an eye-catching look.

Let us understand the fundamental difference between the two exterior paints in a brief and quick way:

Basic Difference                                     Ace Exterior Emulsion                           Apex Weatherproof Emulsion

Colours                                                         1500 +                                                           1700 +

Finish                                                            Matt                                                              Soft Sheen

Algal Performance                                    Low Resistant                                             High Resistant

Durability                                                    Medium                                                       High

Washability                                                Medium                                                       High

Coverage                                                      1 Coat = 130 – 150 sq.ft/ltr                    1 Coat = 100 – 130 sq.ft/ltr

Sheen Level                                                3 – 10 at 60 deg GH                                   5 – 7 at 60 deg GH

Paint content                                             Water Based                                               Water Based

Protects UV Rays                                       No                                                                  Yes

Warranty                                                     3 years performance warranty             5 years performance warranty

VOC Level                                                    22.22 grams per litre                               32.34 grams per litre

Curing Period                                             28 days                                                         28 days

Dilution Ratio                                            75% of the volume of paint                   40% of the volume of paint

Price For Litre                                           Rs 160                                                         Rs 350


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