Comparison Between Asian Paints Tractor and Premium Emulsion

Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion

Asian Paint has a wide range of different categories of paints. There are 6-8 different types in the interior category plastic – tractor emulsion, premium emulsion, Royale Luxury, Royale Matt, Royale Shyne, Royale Heath Shield, Royale Aspira, Royale Atmos, etc. For different uses and characteristics, all are best in class. Other interior designs, like – Royale Play, Aspira, Heath Shield, etc. besides plastic paints are above. Comparison between Asian Paints Tractor and Premium Emulsion are listed below.

When we choose the right paint for our homes, we must all be guided by the products that differentiate between them. Furthermore, Asian paint contains a range of products that are extremely diversified. The quality and concepts of the products differ. Therefore it becomes confusing to understand and choose the one for our homes. The interior paintings themselves have about 6-8 different types that, in terms of use and characteristics, are completely different. But don’t worry, we’ve made your job simple at “Yes Painter,” listing the basic difference between tractor emulsion and premium emulsion for Asian Paints. Comparison between Asian Paints Tractor and Premium Emulsion are listed below.

Asian Paint Tractor Emulsion:

The emulsion of the tractor is low-fiscal paint. It gives a matt appearance. It has 150-180 coverage. It can be found in more than 1675 tones. It is an economical and easy-to-paint start range of plastic paint. This is the paint most frequently used. This comes with 3-4 years of durability if 2 coats are painted. Tractor Emulsion paint is mostly used in house rental and where tenants move more often in our house. Briefly if you want to feel how precisely the low-budget plastic paint can be used roughly – go with Tractor Emulsion.

Benefits of using Tractor Emulsion:

Smooth Finish

In contrast to distempers, tractor emulsion offers a highly smooth matt finish. This shows the emulsion of the tractor a price value.

Intelligent Upgrade

The upgrade to tractor emulsion from distempers turns out to be an intelligent, technological step. Moreover, the cost differences are hardly any.

Sustainable shelf life

The shelf life of the tractor emulsion is 3 years from the manufacturing date in an original container that is tightly closed. The only cure to be taken is to keep it from the sun.

Chemicals Free

Lead, mercury, or chromium compounds are free for tractor emulsion.

Small maintenance

The Tractor Emulsion is most favorable because it does not occasionally require a touch-up.


It is expected that the paint life on walls will last three to four years. It also uses stain guard technology to demonstrate its length of life. The paint is resistant to mushrooms and mildew, and you can be confident during monsoons.

Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion:

The premium emulsion is more in price than Tractor Emulsion. The finish is also matt. Coverage ranges between 140 and 150. It can be found in more than 1750 tones. This gives Rich Matte Finish and smoother emulsion than the tractor. It is also longer, i.e. for 4-6 years. In the finish, this almost looks like Royale just because it is not washable.

Benefits of using Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion:

Matt finish rich

Has a matt, sophisticated, rich, and smooth finish.

Stain guard

Stain guard technology, which protects your walls from most household stains and makes cleaning easy.

Long Durable Film

Long-lasting film to keep your home for a long time as good as new

Resistance to fungus and mildew

Designed to prevent unwanted fungus from your walls.

Extra Deep Colors

Offers a unique range of extra deep colors.

Comparision in Table Between Asian Paints Tractor and Premium Emulsion:

Tractor Emulsion                                                        Premium Emulsion

Smooth Matte finish                                                           Rich Matte finish

Lower sheen                                                                          Higher sheen

Hides undulations on the surface, easy to repaint     Surface better cover than Tractor Emulsion

More pigment to resin ratio                                              Less pigment to resin ratio

The surface is not smooth                                                 Surface is smoother

Not Washable                                                                       Semi Washable

Economical and more value for money than               Economical mid-range pricing


Suitable for ceilings, temporary facilities,                       Best suited for Interior Walls in the rental properties                                                                                  economy range

Only light colors can be picked                              You can pick any color, from light to dark


If you have chosen to paint your walls, why not contact us if we deliver the most reasonably priced painting in the market. “Yes Painter” believes in having professional awareness of the exceptional appearance of the house once it is painted. Not only does our teamwork as painters, but they also like to comprehend the criteria and create a special quote that suits 100% of the budget.

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