What is the Difference Between Paint, Polish and Varnish ?

Paint vs Polish vs Varnish

In general terms, paint, polish & varnish are quite similar yet also different, when it comes to the application level. Although it is important to know about them, it is also imperative to get a trusted and reliable interior designer to get the job done right.

When it comes to redecoration, it is indeed a long albeit a special process. In this post, we emphasize on Paint vs Polish vs Varnish. An interior redecoration for any place involves three things for sure – painting, polishing and varnishing. But it is important to know the difference between paint, polish and varnish as it’d be of immense help during the process.

The difference between paint, polish and varnish can be better understood by explaining them separately.


Paint is a pigmented liquid containing color, that over some time, gets converted into a solid film/layer. Painting is usually done to add colors to our home and/or work space. Any building or constructed piece has color on it. Getting your walls painted, is a way of bringing life to the place, however, it is always better to opt for a trusted house painting service so that the work is executed properly.

When it comes to painting, it is done for both interiors as well as exteriors. Be it interior painting or exterior painting, it is always better to go with a trusted and reputed house painting service, Yes Painter. We provides excellent, professional and hassle-free painting services for interior painting as well as exterior painting at the best market prices with 1 year warranty.

Different types of Paint available in the market –

  • Oil Paint
  • Enamel Paint
  • Emulsion Paint
  • Cement Paint
  • Anti-corrosive Paint
  • Plastic Paint
  • Silicate Paint
  • Synthetic Rubber Paint

Now when it comes to painting interiors, mostly Distemper paints are used while for exteriors, there are plastic paints. For metallic surfaces, it is better to opt for oil paints.

Painting is indeed a very fun process and hence it should be known which type of paint to opt for. All these paints come in more than 500 colors and several finishes.


When it comes to painting, the surface has to be smooth and not uneven. An uneven surface indicates imperfections in the structure and thus would not enable the paint to make it look better or even hide the imperfection(s). Polishing is the process of rubbing a surface to make it smooth and shiny.

Where exactly is polishing done?

Polishing is done on wood surfaces, walls, etc. Once a surface is constructed, it has to be polished and made smooth in order for the painting to be carried out. In the case of furniture, the wooden surface has to be smooth and even for the paint to stick to it. An uneven surface on wooden furniture would not create a good impression.

Polishing is majorly done for wooden articles. It is also known as buffing because it buffs out the wood surface and makes it smooth and gives it a great lustre.

It can be done on any type of wood, be it teak, rosewood, timber, mahogany, etc. and gives it a great matte look with sheen. It is followed by enamel painting.

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When it comes to varnish, it is a process done to provide a clear transparent layer or film over the surface. Varnish has very little or no color and has no added pigment, unlike paint.

Varnish can be seen as the last process carried out after polishing and painting. When a wooden surface is buffed and painted, then it is subjected to varnish. Varnishing the surface means adding final touches to the paint which are meant to preserve it.

Why do we Varnish?

Varnish adds life to the product. Not only does it enhance the looks of the overall product, but it also enables some extra protection against moisture. It is applied over wooden furniture as a final step to achieve an extra layer for protection from scratches and gives it some sheen via a glossy finish.

It is primarily used in the process of wood finishing where the natural pigments and any grains or imperfections in the wood surface are visible.

At Yes Painter, we offer varnishing services as part of our wood and metal works, to give the best finish to your lovely articles.

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