What Is The Difference Between Asian Paints Apcolite Gloss and Satin Enamel?

Asian paints Apcolite Premium Gloss Enamel
apcolite satin enamel

First, let’s understand what Enamel Paint is exactly:

The difference between gloss and satin enamel paint can be understood technically. You can easily find them in many kinds, including oil or alkyd. They dry more quickly and are harder than water-based enamel paints.

Basically, enamel paints are solvent-based paints, when they look like a glass (glass-like) shell. These solvent lacquers are often called oil-based lacquers that are opposite to regular water-based lacquers. Enamel paints give a hard, bright, and opaque finish. In the past, enamel paint was only brilliant. These oil-based paints have an excellent tendency to reflect their existence, such as typical smells. Emails can be cleaned easily with the use of simple thinner spirits or even minerals.

Why is painting enamel a perfect paint?

Momentary desiccation quality! Long-lasting, cheap, and tough to make a healthy, smooth, and not lethal thin and crack-friendly film without seasonal change.

Let’s understand what is Gloss Enamel Paint and Satin Enamel Paint:

Gloss Enamel Paint:

Just listening to the name and we get a clue about which painting we are reading. Gloss Enamel Paint gives a glossy look to your house. This color can easily wash the flecks on the walls without changing the paint structure. Without compromise, it protects the wall and the whole surface. Gloss Enamel Paints has a Brown Color that is the best one for Gloss Enamel Paints. Because of its particular thickness, Gloss Enamel paint can be used in open spaces and in large organizations. In three films – transparent, opaque, and rimed-ice finish – the paint is widely available. Gloss Enamel Paintings are compatible with one another in a large collection of colors. Calming and vibrant colors go together.

Kitchen Walls, metal or wooden doors, electronics and appliances, metal items, and accessories are the best surfaces to apply glossy enamel paint.

After a long time due to their oily film, Gloss Enamel paints tend to get Resin Yellow in texture, but Asian paintings have this covered, and such problems are not reported.

Satin Enamel Paint

The Satin Enamel Paint is unique and works together in the clean-up of the walls. It’s moderate paint that makes your walls look medium brilliant and bright. Indoors and mainly walls with humidity and humidity problems can be used in satin enamel paint. This lacquer of Satin Enamel can be scrubbed with detergents and a wide range of watery solutions, followed by a perfect finish with clean soft water. In the areas such as the balcony, study area, bedroom, living room, and leisure, satellite Enamel Paint can be applied since it gives the walls a soft, radiant, and bright fabric.

This painting’s tough nature makes it durable and elegant. Satin Enamel’s basic nature is an alkyd, which makes any surface perfect. In addition to external and internal walls, Satin Enamel has a broad array of colors and combinations. In Satin Email Paints, Asian Paints Premium Satin Email Paints are renowned.

Differences Between Gloss and Satin Enamel:


Compared to satin finishes, gloss finishes have more shine and therefore the gloss products are more reflective than the satin.


Gloss finishes are very shiny and ultra-shiny satin finishes. This is because the gloss product gloss and the satin products have different levels.

Rest period length

Gloss finish is left for two to three weeks and after application, the satin finishes remain.


Gloss finishes are highly reflective and less reflective for satin finishes. Because glass paints are highly reflective, imperfections can be easily seen.

Resistant to stains

High-quality gloss products are stain-resistant and easy to clean, whereas a high-quality satin product is less stain-resistant and requires more effort to clean.


Gloss finishes are simple to clean, whereas satin finishes require more effort. Light wiping or washing with soft cloths is all that is required for glossy finishes. During the cleaning process, satin finishes may require more vigorous scrubbing.


After a while, glossy finishes are easy to touch up, but satin finishes are more difficult.


Satin finishes are moderately durable, while gloss finishes are extremely durable.


In the bedroom, bath, and kitchen surfaces, gloss finishes can practically be applied on surfaces while satin finishes in the families, bedrooms, and living rooms are practical.


Gloss is generally much costlier than a satin finish.


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