The difference between Plastic paint and Distemper paint:

When it comes to painting, it is a fun topic. Painting can be very joyful because the outcome of the process is indeed very colorful and pleasing to the eyes and mind. However, selecting the right kind of paint and finish is where the challenge lies.

Plastic paint and Distemper paint are two very popularly used paint types, however, they are not the same. So how does one know which to select for their home and/or office space?

The different types of paints are:

  • Oil Paint
  • Enamel Paint
  • Emulsion Paint
  • Cement Paint
  • Anti-corrosive Paint
  • Plastic Paint
  • Silicate Paint
  • Synthetic Rubber Paint

painters in bangalore However, the difference between plastic paint and distemper can be explained as follows:

Distemper Paint:

Say a decade back or two, you must have heard this term “distemper” when it came to the occasion of painting your house or any house in your neighborhood. The term distemper literally translates to paint that is water-based. The difference between distemper paint and plastic paint can be better explained by explaining individually what they are:

Starting with Distemper paint, which is a type of water-based cement paint that is used for painting the walls i.e. the interiors of any place. It is used widely because it is easy to apply and cheap. Getting your walls painted is necessary but choosing a very trusted and reputed painter is even more important.

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An example of reputed distemper paint.

So why should you opt for distemper paint?

  • It is a low-cost paint and water-based. Hence, it is lighter on the wallet.
  • It can be applied to the interiors of homes.
  • It is available in several colors and the process of color selection is fully computerized.
  • It is washable, meaning it can be washed when it has any kind of stains on it.
  • It is widely available in the market, hence easy to get.
  • It gives a prominent matte finish which looks very classy and elegant.
  • High demand in the country hence, it is available from very reputed paint manufacturers.
  • It is quite durable as it can sustain for more than 2 years.

So, what are the cons that distemper paint has? Here are they:

  • It is only suitable for interior painting and cannot be used for any exterior surface.
  • It comes only with a matte finish and needs two coats for it to look good, unlike the glossy finish offered by emulsion paints.
  • It is usually done for houses but for say, offices it is better to opt for higher quality paints.
  • The paint has a very pungent odor that needs approximately 10-12 hours of ventilation to get rid of. This should be noted for people with any breathing issues or asthma.
  • Higher quality emulsion paints have much better quality and are available at higher prices.
  • Since it can be washed, stains can be removed. However, any dents or imperfections in the wall surface cannot be hidden by the distemper.

Hence, for a proper and well budget interior painting, one can opt for distemper paints. At Yes Painter, we offer premium interior painting services as well as exterior painting services at the best market rates.

painters in bangalore Plastic Paint:

Plastic paint is an oil-based paint that gives a very plasticky look and feels, hence the name. This paint uses water as a thinner and is available in a wide range of colors. They’re used commonly for auditorium ceilings, showrooms, slabs, decks, etc. because of their glossy finish also known as a soft sheen.

So why should one go opt for plastic paint?

  • They are very easy to apply, also washable and more durable than distempers.
  • They can be used to hide some of the imperfections in the walls with their thick coating.
  • They are very lightweight and hence can be easy to store and use it in different places.
  • They have a glossy finish that reflects light and hence, makes the room look brighter. Also, as a consequence of that, they do not absorb any heat and hence they make the room slightly cooler than other paints.
  • Highly waterproof because it is oil-based. Hence, easily the best choice for exteriors.
  • They are used nowadays for wooden panels because they provide an excellent look and finish on such materials.

An example of a reputed plastic paint

Why shouldn’t you opt for plastic paint?

  • It emits a very powerful odor that can be harmful to people with any lung-related problems.
  • More expensive when compared to distemper paints.

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