Taps   for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Everything you should know about taps

Taps are perhaps the most commonly used article when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens in the house. However, it is quite surprising that many do not notice how dirty they become over time. Think of it this way, you have a white shirt that has faded over time, due to usage. That is how taps at home are, after a while.  

When it comes to bathrooms or kitchens, they have to be good enough to match the style quotient of the rest of your house. When it comes to renovating or redesigning a bathroom , taps at home are an essential item that many overlook. You have to buy a good tap and then be able to maintain it by cleaning it regularly. A good, shiny tap gives a clean look to your wash basin and even augments the beauty of it.  

Types of Taps:

  1. Metal Taps 
  2. Plastic Taps 
  3. Metal-plated Taps

  • Metal Taps: 

Metal taps are the way to go. They are solid due to their construction and can withstand the daily abuse with ease for several years. However, they are a tad bit expensive when compared to plastic taps, however they do not compromise on any structural integrity, apart from being easier to accumulate dirt. A good metal tap at home is the right choice to complement the look of your bathroom.  

metal tap at home Yes Painter
metal taps at home Yes Painter

Pros of Metal Taps –

  • Solid build.
  • Great looks. Provides an elegant feel to the bathroom.
  • Comes in various designs to match with the overall vibe of your bathroom, be it modern, traditional, etc.

Cons of Metal Taps –

  • Expensive when compared to other taps at home. 
  • Gets dirty much sooner than the other taps. Needs cleaning at regular intervals. 

  • Plastic Taps: 

Plastic taps are an alternative to metal taps. They may not be as strong as the metal taps, but rest assured, they are tested enough to withstand the daily abuse. However, when it comes to the overall look and feel, that is the area where they lack the finesse offered by metal taps at home.

plastic tap at home YesPainter

Plastic taps are an alternative to metal taps. They may not be as strong as the metal taps, but rest assured, they are tested enough to withstand the daily abuse. However, when it comes to the overall look and feel, that is the area where they lack the finesse offered by metal taps.

Pros of Plastic Taps –

  • Cheaper than metal taps. Hence, easy to afford.  
  • Built well enough for daily usage. Great for budget bathroom builds.
  • Easier to clean than metal taps at home.

Cons of Plastic Taps –

  • Not as durable as metal taps.  
  • Lower longevity due to plastic build.  
  • Doesn’t look and feel as premium as the metal taps.

  • Metal-plated Taps: 

Metal-plated taps are an improved version of metal taps, to be specific. Sometimes, people want that extra luxurious feel from their taps and hence, they opt for this.
They can be made to fit in with say, an ultra-modern theme or be it a traditional theme for the bathroom.  

metal plated tap at home Yes Painter
metal plated taps at home by Yes Painter

Pros of Metal-plated Taps –

  • Super elegant looks. 
  • Premium feel, due to the metal-plating.
  • Fits for the theme of the bathroom.

Cons of Metal-plated Taps –

  • Extra premium comes at an extra cost. Very expensive.
  • Highly durable but needs cleaning at regular intervals.

Maintaining the Taps at home?

Buying a tap is essential. But it is equally important to keep in mind that you have to maintain it, to ensure its longevity and a good look for your bathroom.

If your taps at room do not look shiny, it could be due to these primary reasons: 

Lime accumulation:

Over a period of time, limescale, a hard, chalky deposit of calcium carbonate, accumulates in the edges and filters of taps, and causes small blocks that disturb the water flow.

Dirt accumulation:

Dirt accumulates easily on the tap surface, due to the environmental conditions. Also, since it is the most touched part of the tap, dirt accumulates there, which needs to be cleaned from time to time.  

Hard water stains:

In places, where hard water is supplied via pipes, the salt deposits get accumulated on the surface of the tap, thus leaving brownish stains. 

Methods to Clean the Taps at home?

So, how to clean the tap and get rid of the old, dirty look on them: Well, there are several methods to clean and maintain the look of your taps. Few home-made remedies are: 

  1. White Vinegar
  2. Lemon
  3. Dish wash Liquid
  • White Vinegar

White Vinegar is a n effective solution for those situations where you have to deal with a limescale accumulation on your taps. A simple solution would be to make a solution containing equal parts of white vinegar and lukewarm water. Now dip a piece of soft cloth or cotton into the made solution.

white vinegar tap clean Yes Painter

In case, there are large deposits there, wrap a piece of cloth on the areas and leave it for some time, before cleaning it.  

The benefits of this method are that your tap at home regains it lost lustre and all the lime deposits are gone.  

  • Lemon

If you don’t have any white vinegar at home, do not fret because you can still clean your taps by using a piece of lemon. You can squeeze a lemon and make a solution of lime water to clean the tap at home. So how to remove thoseYou can simply place half a lemon over the calcified area, leave it for a few hours and then scrub it away with an old toothbrush. 

 Lemon can also help to clean the blockages and stains caused by hard water and limescale. 

white vinegar tap clean Yes Painter
  • Dish wash Liquid

Dish wash liquid is a very common commodity and is used in every house. Due to its chemical composition, it can be used not just for removing food stains off of plates and other utensils but also for cleaning taps at home. Apply the dish wash liquid over the areas where there are stains or limescale accumulations and leave it on for a few minutes, then just wipe it with a cloth and some warm water to get a shiny lustrous tap.

tap cleaning Yes Painter

Note: If you use only a dish soap, then you can use that instead, because it does the same wonders. 

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