Myths  surrounding  Vastu  in  Interior  &  Exterior  Designing

Vastu  Compliant  House

Vastu shastra, more commonly known as Vastu is a traditional Indian system of architectureIt is widely believed by people and hence architects consider their projects to be compliant with Vastu before proceeding further with construction. It describes principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. In this post we have described few myths surrounding Vastu Compliant House.

Why is it important to have vastu compliant house? 

It simply is. Vastu compliant houses are usually better designed for living, with better practicality that also involves certain principles of science. 

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What are the myths surrounding Vastu?

When it comes to Vastu, there are several myths. However, not all of them are true and need to be debunked. Here are a few: 

  • House Facing:

When it comes to Vastu, house facing is the first question that comes to people’s minds. It is a question of which direction the house or office space faces, that influences the view and airy feeling, also influenced by science terms. The widely common vastu myth that influences interior and exterior designing and/or property buying decision is the facing direction.

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The myth is that the property that faces east direction is the most vastu compliant and the best pick. However, this is simply not true. Now, imagine a huge apartment with more than a hundred houses. It is simply impossible to keep all the flats facing east as it is a poor economic decision and also reduces the habitant count, thus making it a waste of space.

In certain cases, it is always recommended to go for east facing, as it is most recommended. However, the other directions also hold special value. If not for east, one can opt for a north or west facing as well. They are usually the second most preferred unless they have the best view. South is preferred by many who believe in the science that it holds a good factor for them, which is why many people directly opt for south facing.  

All in all, it is best to go for the facing that you really wish for. Consider several factors regarding the view, ventilation, etc. before you go for a particular facing.  

However, once the house is built and needs a redesign, the door can be changed to change the facing of the house, if needed and possible. To have an idea about how the interiors can be designed to be more efficient and compliant with vastu, visit out page by clicking here to know more.  

  • Table Shapes:

When it comes to interior designing, the table shape is one thing that is a myth influencing vastuRound tables are not preferred and they are not compliant with vastu 

Well, this one is true. It is not the best choice to use a round table at home. Your main dining area should always be able to accommodate four people at least. This makes it worth it for any future occasions as well. A round table, just loses the versatility and space offered by say, a rectangular table.

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The extra space offered the corners, four corners on the whole, makes a great difference and also mainly because it is ergonomically designed in nature. A round table is not that ergonomic for usage when it comes to many members. Hence you can find them in cafes, restaurants where it is used for seating two or at most three people. 

  • Mirrors in the Bedroom:

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This is a vastu myth that holds true. Placing a mirror in the bedroom should be such that, while sleeping, the entire body must not be reflected in the mirror.

That means any direction from where the body is reflected, should be avoided. Also, any mirrors should not be used to remedy vastu defects as it is an extremely complex and controversial procedure with very little efficacy, even if done perfectly right. 

  • Sleeping with head facing North:

This is a vastu myth that is true and holds well also backed by scientific reasons. There are a lot of reasons why you should never sleep with your head in the north. Practices of yoga, the working of the body, as well as the magnetic flux of the earth play an important role in shaping your body as you sleep. 

Many people perceive that their heart is present halfway down their bodies. However, it can also be stated that the heart is placed three-fourth on the way up, and pumping blood down is easier than pumping blood upwards. Blood vessels in the upper areas of the body are more complex than those down below. Sleeping with head in the north, in the direction of increased gravity, can cause hemorrhages to occur on the upper side of the body. This can lead to dullness, lowered IQ, and concentration problems. 

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Another reason why you should never sleep with your head in the north is that of the effect of the magnetic fields of the earth. The magnetic poles of the earth are engineered. The powerful forces of magnetism are present all through the geography of the planet. When in a horizontal position, the pulse of the body decreases. Head placed in the north can result in the magnetic pull of the brain to cause irritation, agitation, hypertension, and a decrease in brain function. Sleeping in such a position regularly can have long-term effects. 

  • Yantras & God idols: 

This is a myth that holds well, such that it is a fact now. Having an idol or yantra in the house is a great addition.

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It gives the place a new look and also, influences positivity and serenity in the place. However, it is important to note that it is always recommended not to keep any bloody or gory images inside the living or working space.

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