If you feel that you need a weekend getaway, think about picking up a roller or paintbrush and a couple cans of top quality paint. Get started on some interior painting, and you’ll likely improve your spirits as much as the place you call home!

Make holidays better with some fresh paint color

Psychologists have found that exposure to certain colors has the effect of making us more joyful! Which colors have this power? A number of studies have shown that yellow and orange are the top trending color. Spending time in yellow and orange surroundings creates a feel-good effect!
If you’re not a fan of yellow or orange, you still have some options. You can brighten your surroundings with off-white paint or any other light hue. Enveloping yourself in one of these colors will help counter the gloomy days and help foster a better frame of mind.

Should you decide to follow this prescription to improve your outlook, pay attention to the sheen of the paint you use. Make your interior more brighter than flat paints in the same hue with higher sheen products – gloss, semi-gloss, and satin paints which are more reflective.
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