Monsoon is here and raindrops have been pouring in Bangalore for quite some time now. During the season of sudden downpours not only do you need to carry an umbrella at all times but you also need to take good care of your health. Wait, did you forget something? How about painting your walls during this monsoon conditions? Is it safe?
Well there is a high chance that if you’re going for traditional way of painting without proper care the paint will get peeled-off or may face discolouration. But we at YesPainter have a quality mechanism for providing painting in these tough conditions also.
Before undertaking any interior painting work, we have our painters to perform wall surfaces scans to detect if there is any moisture left behind to ensure a complete precheck and a well done paint job that will look aesthetically pleasing as well as retain its lustre.

What actually happens if we paint during monsoon?

Moisture during monsoon affects adhesion, poor adhesion results in weak coating and thus paint will peel off. Paint requires a relatively dry surface to adhere and if there is moisture present under that film it will push the paint off the walls. But no need to panic we at YesPainter apply a speciality coating to provide utmost care to the surface.Another major concern is that of Paint discolouration which is caused by water seepage or by contaminants in metal and wood. To avoid this we apply an application of alkaline – resistant or oil based paint.

YesPainter checklist for monsoon painting –

What is the right temperature for painting?
Temperature and moisture work in conjunction with each other. The lower the temperature, the longer it will take for your outside surface to dry.
Is your surface dry enough for applying painting ?
Even a few drops count as wet. Check whether the surface is currently wet or not. If not, when was it last wet?
Even if a surface does not appear to be wet, it might have latent moisture that could affect your paint.

YesPainter suggestions for monsoon painting-

Check for crtical areas before applying painting- Wall carvings, nail-holes, hairline cracks, moldings and other sections hidden from the sun might be wet even if other areas have dried-up.
If you do not catch this right away, the water drips down your newly painted surface, creating light streaks.The only cure for this is an additional coat of paint which would again prove to be unwanted wastage of money.
Vibrant wall textures crafted from light-coloured wood textures and cheerful colours act as the perfect foil to tide over rough weather.One great advantage of using this method is that it provides you excellent protection during the rainy season. The quality of paint is such that it prevents the water from seeping into the interiors.

You’re good to go if you follow these simple corrective measures. Yet if you find it confusing YesPainter is at your service and can fix the problems efficiently.
We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on with a dedicated team of painters in Bangalore. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your home, paints it according to your wish at best quality and price with utmost care, choose Yes Painter!
We provide following space painting services –
Interior and Exterior painting – Interiors and Exterior wall painting with on time completion.
Metal and Wood Painting – All kinds of Metal and Wood painting with an excellent finish.
Texture and Stencil Painting – Texture for a classy look and Stencils to awaken your creative part.
Wallpapers – Wallpapers on walls will help you to achieve extra look to stand out.
Deep Cleaning – Cleaning after painting job, so that there is no paint falling here and there. No mess up.
Waterproofing – Faulty Seepage must be rectified prior to painting. Water Proofing if required.