You live in Bangalore, love Bangalore and there is no other place in the world you would rather be. But, are you sure you know everything about this fabulous city you are in love with? It is easy to say that Bangalore is the third largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan in India or that everyone is awe-inspired by its pleasant climate and beauty which are well known facts. There is much more to Bangalore than this.

Bangalore and Residential Painting – A Souled Connection

Whether you’re new in Bangalore or an old jackman it’s very easy to change aura of your home by painting your walls in quick time. We at YesPainter are a team of professional painters who listen, understand your requirements and make the painting experience simpler and hassle free and a registered Painting Service provider in Bangalore.
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Benefits of employing a professional to paint your home

> Warranty on workmanship

> Current technology, techniques and equipment

> Certified, accredited and experience

> Competent in specialized painting solutions such as lead management and asbestos management

> Qualified and experience in high risk projects which involve heights, toxic and hazardous materials or high pressure and heavy machinery.

> Tailored and specific colour consultancy services

> Full range of environmentally sustainable painting solutions.

> Onsite project manager ensures job completed on time

What skills and credentials to look for in your painter?

A qualified painter should be willing to provide evidence of the following records to verify the services they claim to provide:
> Industry certification such as Trade certificates from a registered Training Organisations.

> Safety training certificates; where applicable such as OH&S, Safe working at heights, Asbestos awareness, Lead Management certificates for the safe handling and disposal of lead-based paints and or senior first aid.

> References of similar work experience

> Memberships to associations; such as Master Painters, are a good resource for sourcing credible, qualified painters as their application process includes sighting of up to date records and certifications.