Enhancing your Home Interiors with Aeroponics 

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Unlike hydroponics , which uses a liquid nutrient solution with nutrients to sustain plant growth, or aquaponics , which uses water and fish waste, aeroponics is conducted without any growing medium. 

What types of plants can be grown and why aeroponics? 

Aeroponic systems are just great for indoor farming, since they take up less space and nearly any type of plant can be grown in these systems such as lettuce, tomatoes, or strawberries, etcThe concept is particularly useful for farming in urban places, where limited space is an issueThe roots of plants in aeroponic systems are fully open to the air, which makes the plants easily access oxygen, thus ensuring a great and stable rate of growth.

Aeroponic systems, just like hydroponics use up to 95% less water than traditional soil-based farming techniques. 

Plants are a very important part of any workplace as they absorb not only the emitted carbon di-oxide but also any stress and fatigue as they’re pleasant to look at. Decorating a home office work space (insert reference to Decorating a home office article) with a couple of plants makes it look very natural and a fully decorated space. Some easy to maintain plants in colorful pots can really make a great impression on whoever sits at the place. 

aeroponics soilless by Yes Painter

If you do not wish for any real plants at your workplace or have any allergies, then aeroponics is the best choice to go for. They are not artificial and provide the same look and feel like being much neater for the workspace.

Why should you opt for aeroponics? 

Aeroponics are nowadays much in use because offices/home-offices and even houses prefer to have certain natural elements in them. Aeroponics offers several benefits when compared to other types of environment farming systems such as:

  • They provide a very great natural feel to the whole place. Since they are real plants, it is good for the interiors as well as they provide some greenery which is good for the eyes and also, the environment.  
  • They are real plants, but do not use any sand. Hence, no more worries about spilling the sand over your desks or on the flooring.  
  • Aeroponics continues to be a timeless and dynamic method of water conservation and crop production. It is after all, a modern approach to agriculture.
  • Aeroponics is essentially the cultivation of plants without using soil. Hence, hydroponic flowers, fruits and vegetables are planted in an inert growing media and supplied with nutrients, oxygen and water. This ensures that rapid growth, stronger yields, and superior quality of the plants.
  • Whenever a plant is grown in soil, its roots search for nutrients. But when its roots are exposed directly to air and the necessary nutrients in it, it becomes easier for the plant to grow by fetching the nutrients from the air. Therefore, the leaf growth flourishes.
  • Plants use photosynthesis to survive. However, in this process, no soil is needed. Aeroponics eliminates soil and gives a much neater and cleaner look for the plant, while retaining the natural elements of it.
  • Plant roots need oxygen, and aeroponics provides significantly more access to oxygen than some other forms of crop production.
  • By controlling the environment of the plant, several risk factors are reduced. Plants grown in gardens and fields are introduced to a host of variables that negatively impact their health and growth.
  • Lastly, they make your place look very cool and serene.
aeroponics soilless by Yes Painter

While opting for hydroponics is a good choice for interior designing, one must always ensure that they’re getting the job done from the right, trusted service provider. At Yespainter/Yes Care Homes, we strive for perfection in our work while providing a hassle-free process to our customers.