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Bathroom Redesigning 

A bathroom is an absolute necessity in any home/office space. However, just like the walls, paint, etc. it is an element that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, however, it’s not cleanliness but rather the quality and usability of your bathroom that clearly shows its age. Are you looking for  Bathroom Redesigning?

A bathroom needs to be kept such that it can be used by everyone and it serves its purpose while being future-proof. Of course, nobody would like to keep renovating or redesigning their bathroom often. In our nation, space is definitely an issue hence most bath areas are made quite small in size, however, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get the best for your buck. 

  • Leakage – the underlying issue:

Leaks are an underlying issue that plague even very well-built bath spaces. Bathrooms are spaces that are used quite often or at the very least, more regularly than most other rooms be it in a home or office space. Due to their extreme usage, there is an active wear and tear on the articles, leading to leakage issues.

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A small leakage can prove to be very bad for the building as hundreds of liters of water could be wasted in a matter of a few hours. Not just that, water leaks can damage the paint as well, compromising the look and structural integrity of the construction materials.

Furthermore, stagnant water in any bathing space would lead to mosquito and other organisms dwell there, leading to rather dangerous diseases. Now, these problems may be common, but they fortunately aren’t very expensive to fix. Fixing them costs quite less and hence it is essential to ensure that all taps, faucets, pipes, shower caps, etc. are leak-proof and maintained well.  

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  • Low on Storage:

Gone are the days when there used to only be a few items that were used in bathing spaces. Nowadays, several products have become essentials and are meant to be kept in the bathroom. Here arises the issue – most bathing spaces are/were constructed with a limited space. This leads to several compromises in the bathroom structure.  

Worry not, for any bathroom can be renovated or re-designed to equip it with some sweet storage options. Increasing the storage means that you can now store all your essential bathing need such as your soaps, shampoo bottles, conditioners, body wash solution, shaving and/or dental hygiene accessories, face wash, etc. without any worries in your bathroom. Bathroom redesigning made easier by Yespainter.com/Yes Care Homes

It’s not a smart storage solution if it’s not future-proof. Hence, the storage solution must be such that it should give an uncluttered look to the bathroom as well as be able to easily withstand the daily usage for the next four to five years.

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Points to keep in mind while installing bathroom cabinets:

  • One or two bathroom cabinets should do the trick. Do not go for more and reduce your bathing space.
  • They must be able to fit in all your products. Be it your hygiene products, medications, bathing robes, toiletries, shaving accessories, dental accessories, cleaning supplies, etc
  • If your bathroom is low in size, it is better to install a cabinet below the sink or above the WC as it utilizes the space without affecting the bathing area at all.
  • The cabinet must be able to endure water and wear, tear. Hence, it is recommended to opt for a material like waterproof plywood. If on a budget, MDF is recommended, however at the compromise of durability.

It is important to go for the right size of cabinets as well as the design and the theme to match that of your bathing space. Call 8884714777 or visit our site Yes Care Home for bathroom redesigning.

  • Modern look for a Modern House:

When your entire house is modernized with the latest electronic gadgets, structural design and/or a minimalist approach, it is time your bathroom gets a full revamp as well. It is quite surprising, but a full bathroom renovation if planned well and executed, does not burn a hole in the pocket.

If you ever feel that your bathing space does not leave you with that luxurious or rather satisfied vibe as that of your household space, then yes, it is time for revamping your bathing space to make it look as luxurious as the rest of your house.

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Revamping a bathroom is a process that needs a few pointers to be kept in mind:

  • Tiles: Tiles are the first and foremost thing to be noticed by people when they enter the bathroom. Hence, replacing the old ones with brand new tiles will give it a much needed change. Not to mention, anti-skid tiles are a must in a bathroom due to safety concerns.  
  • Metal items: Adding new metal articles to the bathing space can bring about a great new look to the place.
  • Paint: With new tiles and articles, it’s time to paint your bathroom. Get your bathroom painted by a professional painter and see it give out a great new mood.
  • New WC: Not many think about ever replacing the toilet unit. But, it is essential to think that an old one, in a revamped bathroom would stick out like a sore thumb. Not to mention, its durability being compromised by severe usage throughout years.

These must be kept in mind when trying to revamp the look of your bathing space.

  • Smart solutions for the Future:

The whole world’s getting into the phase of digitization, employing the usage of smart gadgets that are coupled with day-to-day systems and thus making them much smarter and accessible for easy usage. So, how does one convert their bathroom into a tech-laden space:

Digital shower panels are a great accessory that actually justify their cost because it makes a great addition that is of paramount importance to the daily process as well. They offer absolute control over the temperature and water flow. Plus, they have infrared sensors which can control all the lighting and turn on or off any mirror lights or lamps. Moreover, some additional touches such as radiant flooring and adjustable heated towel racks can serve as luxurious additions to your bathroom.

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Why Yes Painter for all your home care service?   

While bathroom redesigning is essential, to give it some needed life, it is more important to get it done properly. At Yes Care Homes, we offer exceptional interior design solutions, which will be the difference you want to make to your bathroom worth the money spent. We offer great services at the best market prices. You can either visit our site or email us, or rather if you like the old approach, give us a call directly at 888-4714-777.