Decorating your Home Office – The Perfect place for WFH

With a global pandemic on the rise, people all around the world have been forced to sit at home for their own safety. For working employees, this has created a huge change in the working style – ‘Work from Home’ or ‘WFH’ as denoted by social media is now on the rise.

The ambience provided by an office is hard to match by home décor as they are designed to encourage employees to give their best. So, maybe it is time to redecorate your home office. Studies show that a well-decorated place can have a significant impact on the person’s mood and thus can harness more productivity and attention to work, providing better results.

  • Wall Color:

The starting stage to decorate your home office would be deciding the color of the walls. Wall color plays a very important role in the look of the room as it creates the overall vibe of the room. The only two things to keep in mind while painting walls are the color and getting a trusted painter.

A study by the University of Texas has in fact, proven that bland grey, beige and white painted walls often induce a feeling of sadness which people contemn.  On the other hand, vibrant colors have always been more pleasant and eye-candy to the human eye, as seen before in movies, children’s parks, etc. Here are some of the trending wall paint colors that can be used for decorating your home office:

  • Baby Pink

Baby Pink is a version of pink that is at its lightest, which makes it a great choice for your walls. Imagine, a light pink shade on you wall which can be enhanced with any design of your choice. It is viewed as a vibrant shade, that induces freshness and instills joy to the eyes of the viewer. A very light background that is pleasing to the eyes, from any angle, baby pink should be one of the colors indeed to look out for this year.

  • Mellow Yellow

Yellow has often been described as the color that signifies the term ‘bright’. After all, it is used by children to describe the sun in their drawings. Having a strong shade of yellow on the walls makes the entire room look bright and very lively. A workspace with walls painted with the shade mellow yellow would look always brimming with life and joy as it further augments the daylight and stays a tad brighter than other colors in the dark. If you’re fond of bright tones, this is the color you should pick.

  • Sky Blue

Ever looked at the sky and gazed at its beauty and serenity? Sky blue is a lighter shade of blue that stands out as too simple yet soothing to the senses as it is not as striking as any high wavelength tones. In fact, blue has the least wavelength of all the colors, while red has the highest. This makes it a great choice for the decorum of a house and/or work area as it would mean more of a calm environment and induce positive vibes.

  • Restful Green

Green is not the color usually associated with intense themes, because of it not being a stand-out color on its own. However, several new workspaces are now starting to use green themes as it brings a natural feel to the entire place. Light green is quite similar to the color sky blue as they are the two most commonly noticed colors in the environment. This is what makes it an alternative to sky blue – it symbolizes nature and peace while giving out positive and encouraging vibes to the user along with a sense of belonging, just as nature provides us with.

  • Melon/Tiger

Melon and Tiger are two shades of orange that are synonymous with the term joyous. These are the happy and feel good type of colors that are now on the rise. Many houses in fact, prefer to have at least one wall painted with a shade of orange as it augments the other colors of the house. Melon and Tiger are both quite light shades and are easy to look at, meaning that they absorb most of the incoming light and hence in turn the room looks brighter than usual. They are meant to symbolize joy and they induce a feeling of motivation and productivity.

  • Lava Red

Now, note that this color is not for everyone. If you’re a person who desires for a more serene atmosphere in the room, then this is not for you as it is quite striking to the eyes, however if you’re a person who is more fond of intense colors and has an eye for striking tones, then this is exactly for you. Red, being the color with the highest wavelength of all the colors, is very active and will make the room look more alarming and attention-grabbing than a serene and light on the eye type of shades such as the others mentioned above. However, it does have its own perks as it is quite funky and pops out, it induces a sense of passion to the ones that prefer intense shades.

Decided on your color of choice? Great. Now, it’s always better to have an estimate of the cost involved in mind before starting the work.

  • Furniture

Deciding the right furniture is just as important as choosing the wall color. Decorating your home office with the right furniture requires the right kind of trusted carpenters who’d get the job done with finesse.

Now, the furniture has to match with the color of the walls. In any home office, the key to buying furniture is looking for quality and a simple yet elegant design. Furniture for a home office usually comprises of chairs and tables.

Here are some of the best furniture color options available for your newly decorated home office:

  • Matte Black/Glossy Black

Black is a color that can go with any of the light themed walls and look flawless. Imagine a newly decorated home office with sky blue walls and matte black themed furniture. It’d look stunning for sure. However, it is always better to get a quality check of the material and get it from a reputed carpenter since shine of black surfaces depend on the quality of the materials used.

Black also provides some elegance as most working equipment such as laptops, notepad, etc. are white or contrasting in color. Also, it is very easy to maintain, however glossy version can attract some fingerprints that’d need to be wiped away for a sparking clean look.

  • Matte White/Glossy White

White is a very stunning color that symbolizes peace and looks very elegant for any design. A good matte white design or glossy finish can be done properly only by a good and trusted carpenter. Any clean surface with a white theme would look very beautiful for a home office setup. However, it is also very important to keep in mind that white attracts dirt and would need to be cleaned often. But once cleaned, it is simply very beautiful and a delight to look at.

  • Natural brown timber

Classic look for any furniture is usually the traditional look i.e. brown timber look. This is good for those who want to have a natural look or a more traditional home office setup. This kind of design must be done with proper good quality wood and an authentic polish material must be used. In order for this, consult a verified carpenter. It is very durable and gives the whole home office a very authentic look. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Now that you’ve decided which one to go with, it’s always recommended to get a full proper estimate of the process before proceeding further.

  • Interior design

Interior design is an essential part of the process of decorating a home office. With good looking walls and furniture, the roof also has to look equally elegant and match the tone. For the process, you’ll require a very reputed and good interior designer that can assess the room and decide the right kind of designs to be done.

When it comes to flooring unit designs, these are the best:

  • Carpeted flooring:

Carpeted flooring is a good choice for decorating a home office as it is soft and would be quiet, which is very essential for office spaces. Also, it has the ability to retain warmth during cold climate and is not slippery which is a boon for older people. The color of the carpeted flooring would depend upon the color of the wall and the furniture. In case of a light walls, it is better recommended to go for darker carpet flooring as they would match the color scheme.

However, note that carpeted flooring is a type of soft flooring and hence it is recommended to go for darker colors as it does tend to get dirty over time and cleaning it would take a bit of time and effort.

  • Timber flooring

Timber flooring such as floating floors and bamboo flooring is a type of hard-flooring that would add a more natural look to your home office. It is very durable and if done by a good interior designer,  it can be implemented well and resistant to spills and stains. It is better than carpeted flooring in some aspects – that it does not get dirty that easily and doesn’t retain any odor like carpets do. It feels more natural and gives a very good feeling when walked over. Bamboo flooring is done in places where they wish for a very nature-looking atmosphere. Also, it is quite sturdy and would handle any amount of abuse.

However, it does need to be puffed and polished once every few years due to the nature of the wood. Also, it is important to keep in mind that it can catch scratches which would damage the look of one’s beautiful home office.

  • Tiles

Tiles are perhaps the most common flooring type used. It is a hard-flooring material. When it comes to tiles, always consult with a trusted interior designer about the type of tiles you want to use. Vitrified tiles, that are also non-skid are one of the better options for offices as they require very low maintenance. They are very sturdy and can withstand great amounts of pressure and abuse. Good quality tiles come with many color options, so that you can choose the one you like. If at all longevity is your need, tiles are the way to go.

  • Natural fibre

It is another type of soft-flooring which is made naturally from leaves such as sisal, which is made from the leaves of the agave plant; coir, made from coconut husks; and seagrass. The materials used are quite durable and resistant to stains and spills. However, since they are very natural, they come at a higher price than usual and is not recommended for high abuse as it doesn’t hold well after several years of usage. Also, they must not be used in wet areas as that would destroy their integrity and render them weak in a few years. However, if one wants a fully natural and organic home office set-up, then natural fibre is the way to go.

  • Add-ons:

A home office would look fully decorated only when it has some elements of fun to it as well. Add-ons are fun and can be done right by a proper trusted interior designer. Hence, these are some of the add-on decorations that can be used for a home office:

  • Plants

Plants are a very important part of any workplace as they absorb not only the emitted carbon di-oxide but also any stress and fatigue as they’re pleasant to look at. Decorating a home office work space with a couple of plants makes it look very natural and a fully decorated space. Some easy to maintain plants in colorful pots can really make a great impression on whoever sits at the place.

If you do not wish for any real plants at your workplace or have any allergies, artificial plants can be used. They look almost the same yet get the same job done.

  • Decorative mug

A good, stylish mug alongside your work desk can lighten up the mood when you’re in need of any caffeine to pump your body up or just can be used as a simple pen holder. A good mug with a modern design can pump up the overall look of your home office. It could be a simple mug with a color or a colorful one, or even one with no design but words to motivate you. There are so many designs available that you should think about getting the right one for your work space.

  • Fun magnets/ Push pins

Nothing like a few fun magnets or push pins on the desk to keep oneself notified about the pending tasks and meeting schedules, isn’t it? To fully decorate a home office, one can use a few colorful pins and/or fun magnets. They provide some colorful fun elements to the office desk, thus making work fun.

With all these properly planned and put in place, your newly decorated home office would be ready to use and indeed a place where you’d work in style.